Graphicly publishes digital version of <i>Cowboys &amp; Aliens</i>

The Cowboys & Aliens movie premiered last week at Comic-Con International, and it opens nationwide on Friday, so it's a good time to revisit the graphic novel on which it's based. Remember the graphic novel? Despite the controversy around the initial marketing -- the claim is that publisher Platinum Studios boosted the book onto the bestseller list by giving it away for free -- I thought it was a pretty good read. Which is not surprising, considering it has a pretty solid team of writers and artists behind it: Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley are the writers, and Dennis Calero and Luciano Lima handled the art.

Graphicly announced Wednesday that it's releasing an enhanced digital edition priced at $9.99, and publishing a special Nook edition at the same price. Or you could get it for free: Years ago, Cowboys & Aliens was published digitally at Wowio, which was owned by Platinum at one time but is now a separate company. It is still up at Wowio with a list price of $1.99, but at the moment it's free as a sponsored download— without the enhancements, of course.

So what makes Graphicly's version worth $10? I put the question directly to Ron Richards, the company's vice president of external relations, and here is his response: "The C&A book on Graphicly is the latest release (the Wowio one is dated 2006), and the extras contain all the movie trailers, character sketches and bios. The characters are hot-spotted throughout the book, so you can click on someone and load up their bio and see development sketches. And when it's purchased at B&N, you can unlock even more extras including video and audio."

The extras are pretty impressive, but so is the price differential. So I leave it to you, readers: Which would you buy?

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