Top 50 Graphic Novels: #30-26

You voted and now we continue our countdown of your votes for the top original graphic novels of all-time! These are graphic novels that were not serialized as comic books before they were released as graphic novels.


30. "New Mutants" Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982)

The first true spin-off of the X-Men, New Mutants was originally designed as the first issue of an ongoing series but Marvel's then-new graphic novels program needed content so Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod expanded the first issue into a graphic novel. Karma had already appeared in a Marvel Team-Up issue, but otherwise this was the first appearance of the other original members of the New Mutants, namely Wolfsbane, Suspot, Cannonball and Dani Moonstar (then called Psyche, but it seemed like that name was dropped as soon as possible). At the time, Professor X thought that the X-Men were dead and he was prepared to let the school die with them, but then Moira MacTaggert shows up with Wolfsbane and she tries to convince Professor X to start anew with a new group of young students. The problem is that Donald Pierce is hunting down the same young mutants that Xavier was looking to add, and Pierce is using a young mutant named Sam Guthrie to help him do it!

In the end, though, Sam stands up to Pierce, proving that he isn't a bad guy...

Later, Xavier reveals that he asked Sam to join the new team...

A strong introduction to a great team of mutants.

29. Tricked (2005)

Tricked was Alex Robinson's follow-up to his independent series, Box Office Poison, which had been collected into an acclaimed graphic novel itself. The concept of the book is to look at the lives of a group of disparate people who find their lives intertwining.

One of the key members is Ray, a fading rock star...

and another is Nick, a small-time forger...

Essentially, this graphic novel took the basic formula of Box Office Poison (character-driven slice of life stories that make you feel for these people) and turned it up a notch with a tighter story (inherent to the format, as Box Office Poison was an ongoing series).

28. "Dreadstar" Marvel Graphic Novel #3 (1982)

Jim Starlin got to continue his Metamorphosis Odyssey with this classic tale that basically worked to set up Vanth Dreadstar for his own ongoing series. Vanth wanted to retire, but it turns out that he can't get out that easily...

It's a great story with gorgeous Starlin art that led into a great ongoing series.

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