Top 50 Graphic Novels: #25-21

You voted and now we continue our countdown of your votes for the top original graphic novels of all-time! These are graphic novels that were not serialized as comic books before they were released as graphic novels.


25. Stitches: A Memoir (2009)

David Small was an award-winning children's book illustrator when he revealed his backstory in the beautiful but haunting Stitches.

Small was a sickly child and that's when he first got interested in art, since he had a lot of time to himself to practice. His father was a radiologist and began to treat David with the practices of the early 1950s, which meant lots and lots of radiation from X-rays and the like until David developed a tumor on his neck which, when removed, took one of his vocal cords with it.

Small perfectly encapsulated his tragic life growing up with his family...

The artwork is gorgeous.

24. Fax From Sarajevo (1996)

Joe Kubert was one of the most famous war comic artists in the history of comic books, but he gave us a whole new look on war with Fax From Sarajevo, which is based on the real life story of a business associate of Kubert's in Europe, who Kubert had never met in person, began faxing Kubert tales from the terrible Bosnian War, including the awful genocidal acts that happened to the citizens there.

Kubert took those faxes and created a topical graphic novel..

Kubert was a masterful storyteller and he brought Ervin Rustemagić's awful story to the masses.

23. The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch (1994)

This stunning graphic novel by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean takes place at a seaside town where the narrator recollects his childhood and all of the strange events that befell him one summer, in particular, including the frequent encounters with the "Punch and Judy" man, who shares the popular story of the puppets, Punch and Judy, which is a tragic tale that might have some connection to the lives of all involved...

It's a dark, fascinating tale.

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