Graphic About Novels With Richard K. Morgan

Morgan is currently hard at work on his next novel the first in a trilogy, which will mark his first work in a new genre, fantasy. "It's going to be called 'A Land Fit for Heroes,'" he said. "I've always loved sword-and-sorcery and have had this hankering to write some and I'm just going to see where it goes. Hopefully it will have the same tone as the Kovacs books in the sense that it's going to be dealing with characters who are ex-soldiers and very much outsiders.

"But the thematic idea is that these are guys who had fought in a war that was completely pointless," Morgan stated. "It was not the war they we're told it was and they are very disillusioned and bitter. It's about the context after the war, sort of how the peace is carved up."

Morgan is still not sure of his plans for the second and third books in his fantasy trilogy, but one thing that he is certain about is the books won't end with cliff-hangers. "One of my pet peeves is trilogy writers who leave you hanging at the end of each book," Morgan stated. "So, each book will be complete and entire; very much like the Kovacs series where in theory you can pick up any of the three and read it without reference to the other two. "'Land Fit for Heroes' will have a definitive ending and the second book will pick up some time after that ending but you won't need to have read the first book."

Whether it's in a far future world, or a medieval fantasy style setting, Morgan's books all have one thing in common, they are stories of people trying to find their way in a grey hued world with no-clear answers. Morgan recommends his novels to readers who enjoyed his two "Black Widow" minis and to readers of his two current favorite comics. "The people out there who like very straight forward four toned superhero antics, there's a good chance that they might not want to read my stuff but the two comic books that I most admire and I'm actually collecting are 'Lucifer' and '100 Bullets,'" Morgan said. "You would think they would be at opposite ends of the spectrum, one is dark fantasy and one is a very hard bitten sort of urban pulp. They do have something in common and that is this kind of moral equivalence; a lack of any clear points of moral reference. Anyone who likes those or my Black Widow stuff should have a look at my novels."

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