Grant Morrison's "Wonder Woman: Earth One" Gets New Title

Speaking with Kevin Smith on the writer/director's "Fat Man on Batman" podcast released on Wednesday, writer Grant Morrison stated that the title of his forthcoming Wonder Woman graphic novel with artist Yanick Paquette is now "Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince." Previously, the book had commonly been referred to as "Wonder Woman: Earth One."

"I think Wonder Woman's always on trial," Morrison said. "Beyond that, women are always on trial. It's always -- 'What do women want?' It's constant pointing the finger. 'What do you want? Explain this!'"

That line of thought especially applies to Wonder Woman, according to Morrison, with observers asking, "Why doesn't this work? Why isn't this franchise?" Wonder Woman's fellow Amazons putting her on trial is Morrison's way of literalizing those types of questions, the writer said.

Morrison disclosed more details on the story, including the integral role played by Steve Trevor. "She runs away with him back to Man's World, and it's not Man's World -- It's half-Man's World, half-Woman's World." Also, Wonder Woman will have "dozens of costumes," and in this new origin, will no longer be formed from clay. (Morrison said that aspect of that character was "creepy" and made her "too remote.")

Despite the title change, Morrison said during the conversation that the book is indeed still part of DC Comics' "Earth One" line, suggesting that "The Trail of Diana Prince" is perhaps a subtitle.

"Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince" doesn't have a release date, but Morrison said that, at the time of the podcast's recording, artist Paquette had finished 20 pages of the 120-page hardcover graphic novel.

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