Grant Morrison's <I>New X-Men</I> run coming full circle?

Grant Morrison's final arc of New X-Men was the futuristic "Here Comes Tomorrow," but after his last issue much of what the writer had done in his three years on the title was shuffled out, leaving readers wondering where had "tomorrow" gone?

Truth be told, Morrison introduced a number of outside-the-box ideas during his 40-plus issues on New X-Men, and it would've been difficult for any publisher to juggle them all. Some concepts, such as Emma Frost joining the primary X-team and Jean Grey being written out of the picture, have proven permanent. But others, such as the X-Corps and characters like Xorn and Beak, have largely been written out of existence.

In recent months some characters, like Quentin Quire and Fantomex, have been dusted off for use in X-Men: Schism and Uncanny X-Force, but by and large Marvel has had difficulty coming to terms with Morrison's additions to the X-Men franchise. Here's a quick list of some Morrison-era New X-Men morsels that could (and should) be brought back to the fore come X-Men: Regenesis.

Weapon Plus: One of the most interesting (and overlooked) concepts from Morrison's New X-Men run revealed that Wolverine's past as Weapon X is different than he, or even the reader, imagines. The "X" in Weapon X actually stands for "10," meaning there were ten previous iterations of the project that made Logan what he is today. It goes further by revealing that Operation: Rebirth (the project that created the original Captain America) was a Weapon Plus program, making Steve Rogers Weapon I.

The White Hot Room: Morrison's idea of the White Hot Room is an expansion of the often-used idea of a new mental realm where telepaths converse with each other and those they touch, and for Marvel he brought in that it was created by the Phoenix. It acts as a transition point for the Phoenix between its resurrection and rebirth, and is also a purgatory of sorts for people after they day.

Beak & Angel Salvadore: In Morrison's sprawling view of mutantkind, Barnell "Beak" Bohusk and Angel Salvadora were the power couple for the M generation. Celebrated during New X-Men, in later years they were pulled apart and Beak was changed dramatically into a non-mutant in the pages of New Warriors.

X-Corporation: In the comics, Xavier created X-Corporation (X-Corps for short) as a worldwide franchise of the X-men team, created to ensure the protection of mutant rights throughout the world. After the events of M-Day and "no more mutants," their decreased numbers led Cyclops to disband the organization. There's still life to the concept with over 200 mutants left with powers intact,  if Marvel chooses to use it.

Xorn: One of the most recognizable changes Morrison brought to the X-Men, the enigmatic mutant with a star living inside his head was created, evolved and revealed as a disguise for Magneto all in Morrison's 30+ issue run on the series. Immediately after Morrison left, Marvel made some awkward attempts to bring back Xorn through a surprise twin brother with the same powers, but the storyline was handled poorly and Xorn hasn't been seen since.

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