Grant Morrison teases fans with 'X-Men' news

"New X-Men" writer Grant Morrison took the time to update and tease his fans with news of upcoming work on his Web site today.

Morrison is well ahead of the publication schedule, having just finished the script to issue #125 with features "the nightmarish final battle with Cassandra Nova," said Morrison. Issue #125 is set for a Summer 2002 release. Morrison also noted that he's currently at work on issue #126 "which takes the book off in the new direction I've been working it towards."

Morrison also shared some details on the upcoming "Nuff Said" silent issue of "New X-Men."

"December's 'Nuff said' silent issue follows a telepathic rescue mission into Charles Xavier's mind and the story, which features not only the shocking origin of Cassandra Nova but Jean Grey drenched in Dad paste, looks set to be a collectors item classic. 'Frank' has drawn most of the book already and it's the best Christmas gift you could give to a Muslim cleric."

Morrison also briefly mentioned his original comic series, "The Filth," is now set for a May 2002 release with art by Chris Weston. News on "Marvel Boy 2" should be revealed in the near future on the Web site.

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