Sideways #7 Solicit Appears to Confirm Return of a Classic Morrison Superteam

Sideways 7 cover header

DC's newest hero is about to embark on an adventure with one of its oldest teams. According to the advance solicits of Sideways #7, Derek James will travel through the Dark Multiverse alongside the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Derek James, aka Sideways, recently debuted in the pages of DC Comics in the aftermath of the Dark Nights: Metal event series, as part of the publisher's New Age of Heroes. The character has the ability to travel from one dimension to another, and it appears as if this ability will come in handy when Sideways becomes the newest member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

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The Seven Soldiers are a superteam that was originally created in 1941. Although, years later, the team was the subject of a revamp courtesy of fan-favorite writer Grant Morrison. With a new cast and a new, reality-consuming threat in the form of the Sheeda, the Seven Soldiers of Victory turned into beloved characters. Recently, in the pages of DC Rebirth, we saw the return of two of Morrison's Seven Soldiers, Ystina the Shining Knight and the Bulleteer, which made us wonder if DC's newest relaunch would see the return of Morrison's popular superteam.

Now, with Sideways #7, it appears like the Sheeda have returned -- and it will require seven special heroes to defeat them. No, not heroes. Soldiers.

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Check out the full solicitation below:


  • art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT
  • written by DAN DiDIO
  • Reeling from a great personal tragedy, Derek rejects his friends and family on an epic journey into the Dark Multiverse with the Seven Soldiers. With one member lost, the remaining Soldiers need Sideways to guide them into uncharted territory as they confront the deadly challenge of the Sheeda!
  • ON SALE 08.08.18
  • $2.99 US | 32 PAGES
  • FC | RATED T
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