DC's Finest: Celebrate Grant Morrison With Comixology!

One of the most inventive names in comics currently is without a doubt Grant Morrison, who continues to explore mind-blowing concepts with his creator-owned work while also keeping his hands in the DC Universe cookie jar over the years.

Comixology is celebrating the storied career of Morrison with a huge sale on almost his entire digital collection, which means comic fans can now add his classics as well as his lesser-known works to their digital library for a great price! We've selected a few of our favorite graphic novels with the best deals to celebrate the work of Grant Morrison!

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Morrison tackled the Man of Steel in a bright, hopeful, enjoyably new yet all too familiar way with Frank Quietly in All-Star Superman, which treated Superman like the incredibly powerful alien being he is. However, the human heart of the character always takes center stage in this dynamic DC Black Label edition of the classic series.

Morrison jumped into American comics alongside artist Dave McKean with their release of Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth. The incredibly dark tale featured amazing painted art from McKean as Morrison explored the darkest corners of Arkham Asylum. This digital version is the 25th-anniversary edition titled simply Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Some of Morrison's early DC work focused on revitalizing previously forgotten characters, like Animal Man and the Doom Patrol. With Animal Man, Morrison explored the fine line between creator and creation and elevated the character of Buddy Blank to new meta-heights.

When Morrison took over the previously-established Doom Patrol characters, he took the oddball team and somehow made them even weirder. A lot of Morrison's work with the series has been adapted for the hit live-action Doom Patrol on DC universe, so fans can now easily explore the origins of the series thanks to Comixology!


Seven Soldiers of Victory is a seriously underrated comic from DC that explores a few relatively unknown characters as they use their unique abilities to save the world together, even though for the most part they don't even realize they are working towards the same goal. Seven Soldiers would provide the basis for a number of DC events, most notably Final Crisis.

And while we mourn the loss of DC's Vertigo imprint, we can thankfully still enjoy some of the great series released from the imprint, including Grant Morrison's mind-bending The Invisibles, which is currently being adapted into a live-action TV series. Be sure to dive deep into The Invisibles before they become the next big hit on the small screen!

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