Grant Morrison's Savage Sword of Jesus Christ Heads to Heavy Metal

Prepare ye the way of the Lord: Jesus Christ is headed to comics. Writer Grant Morrison, known for his work on fan-favorite titles like "All-Star Superman," "New X-Men," "Animal Man" and more, is bringing a brand new comic series titled "Savage Sword of Jesus Christ" to Heavy Metal Magazine, of which he is currently the editor-in-chief.

In an interview with Vulture, Morrison revealed his idea for this controversial take on Jesus Christ came while working on "The New Adventures of Hitler" when he uncovered a Nazi project called Positive Christianity, which "recast Christ as a proactive Aryan rather than a meek Jew." The title and physical look of the Messiah are inspired by a "Conan the Barbarian" series.

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As far as choosing Heavy Metal as its home, Morrison admits, "It just seemed too much of a gift, especially in light of Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal imagery, to combine this notion of Conan and Jesus Christ."

Providing art for "Savage Sword of Jesus Christ" are the Molen Brothers, who are known for their work on "The Aftermath," which is described as "an Absurdist comic book and art project consisting of science-fiction stories and artwork set in a retro-apocalyptic future."

Morrison says his new series "started out as a sequel, way back in 1990, when I'd just finished ['The New Adventures of Hitler'] with artist Steve Yeowell. Obviously, I had done a lot of research for that one, and I just came across this interesting idea that during the Second World War, the Nazis had attempted to rebrand Christianity, and rebrand Christ, specifically. Take him away from the gentle and peace-loving character of the Gospels, and to transform him into a Nordic and brutish and violent Messiah."

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The idea of stories being changed to fit a narrative rings true with Morrison, especially in this current political climate: "We’re living in a time when it’s quite clear how even the most pacifist stories or narratives that one time were a lot more positive, can be perverted to stand in as catalysts for violence and mayhem. Especially now that we live in a world where we’ve seen that lies can easily be overlooked, and where celebrity culture is more powerful than the truth, and where people can quite happily twist any narrative to suit any new narrative, and almost twist narratives into their complete opposites, which is what the Nazis tried to do with the Gospels."

"Savage Sword of Jesus Christ" goes on sale December 28.

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