Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes unlock 'The Key' for the BBC

Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes have reteamed for The Key, a wordless online comic created for the BBC's Freedom2014, a new initiative examining what freedom looks like today.

Set in a dystopian future where drones fill the skies, The Key opens with the apparent government execution of a man in a straightjacket with a bag over his head (BBC News notes the similarity between the pointed corners of the bag and Batman's mask).

"We have a rebel who wears a key around his neck. His key represents his own individual expression," Morrison explains to BBC News. "With the state seeming to execute this character for dissent, many people realise they have keys of their own. It triggers a landslide and people start to act."

Hughes and Morrison previously collaborated on the 1990 Dan Dare strip (called simply "Dare") serialized in Revolver magazine.

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