Granov Suits Up Iron Man For "Age of Ultron"

Marvel Comics' rollout for Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's "Age of Ultron" series continues with a newly-released teaser image of Iron Man by Adi Granov. Granov's image details Tony Stark in armor reminiscent of his classic Mark III armor from the 1960s. The image follows three other "Age of Ultron" images released this week including Red Hulk and Black Widow and She-Hulk.

While Granov's Iron Man is in a historically significant armor, it's unknown whether it has any bearing on the actual story. On the officially released "Age of Ultron" #1 cover by Bryan Hitch, Stark is clearly suited up in his Marvel NOW! armor from "Iron Man" #1 by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land. Whether the armor selection will be a part of "Age of Ultron" and the battle against the Avengers' greatest foe remains to be seen.

Check out Granov's Iron Man below.

"Age of Ultron" #1 hits stores in March.

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