Grampá & Miller's Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child Reveals New Covers

Frank Miller's next Batman project, Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child, has unveiled six different covers for its first issue.

The six covers were designed by Rafael Grampá, Paul Pope, Joëlle Jones, Frank Miller and Andy Kubert. Grampá, who is the main artist for the series, designed the first two, while the rest go in the order in which they are listed above.

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The one-shot will be a follow up to Miller's Dark Knight Returns: The Master Race. In addition to seeing Carrie Kelley taking full ownership of her Batwoman identity, the one-shot shows how she and Lara Kent, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, deal with a new threat to Gotham City, and potentially the world. Luckily, the pair have a secret weapon, one familiar to current DC Comics readers, but which is new to the Dark Knight Universe: Jonathan Kent.

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child arrives in stores December 11. The 48-page one-shot has a cover price of $5.99 and will release under DC's Black Label imprint with a Mature Readers warning. It is written by Frank Miller, with art by Rafael Grampá.

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