Grampá channels pop music icon for unused Nightcrawler redesign

Those of you who enjoyed the Rafael Grampá Batman art I posted earlier this week and want to see more from the artist should dig this ... one of the folks who commented in that thread, Serge, shared a whole bunch of links to more great Grampá stuff (with a bonus Rafael Albuquerque piece). It appears that the artist regularly writes and shares artwork on ig.com, which has proven to be a treasure trove of cool stuff.

Just like the original post, his columns are all in Portuguese, but if you're interested in reading them, you can try an internet translation site or use Google Chrome, which gave me the option to translate them. As is typical, the translations are far from perfect.

--Those of you who were calling for Grampá to do more Batman should enjoy this column, where he details the process he used to create the piece, a tribute to Frank Miller. Lots of nice process artwork.

--Also of interest, Grampá draws the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler, who as of late has been appearing in Uncanny X-Force:

Grampá was asked to redesign the character, and although it ultimately wasn't used, he did draw the variant cover for issue #19. On Flickr, he explains the concept behind the redesign: "This is a proposal for the new Nightcrawler, who's teaming X-Force right now. Marvel invited me to make a cover for X-Force and also to proposal a new look for the character. I did what I like to see in super heroes comics, the celebration of pop culture. His jacket is based on the classical jacket that Michael Jackson uses on "Thriller" - I always thought that Nightcrawler was based on this MJ look, and maybe he was. I took off the swords -don't think that this kind of hero needs a sword, is like to give spiderman some swords- and I changed it for knives. He could be more lethal launching knifes when he is teleporting him self. The scarf means movement and elegance. Marvel didn't approved because I went too much far from the original. But I'll use the look for one of my next characters!"

--And finally, this post contains an exchange between Grampá and Rafael Albuquerque, where they discuss Superman's costumes over the years. And it ends with Albuquerque sharing a piece of his own:

You can see all of Grampa's columns for the site by going here. For grins, let's end by taking another look at another Nightcrawler pin-up:

If we needed a reason for Marvel to bring back the real Nightcrawler from the dead and put him in his own comic, I think we just found it.

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