Grab a pawful of early and rare Bill Watterson art

Face it, tiger-lovers -- you just hit the jackpot: Check out this terrific gallery of early and rare art by Calvin & Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson. Included are pieces from the Kenyon College yearbook and student newspaper, covers from the political-cartooning journal Target, Watterson's own editorial cartoons from the Cincinnatti Post, illustrations for an essay in The Comics Journal, self-portraits, a collection of Calvin & Hobbes sketches, and much more. The site design indicates that this is about a million Internet years old and thus many of you may have seen it before, but I sure haven't, and it's great way to see whole new side of Watterson -- and a demonstration that his chops were ample even at a tender age.

(via Andrew Sullivan and Gavon Laessig)

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