"Gotham" Unleashes An Army of Mutants With One Surprising Face In Season Finale

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains a major spoiler for the end of the "Gotham" season finale.

While the talk leading up to the season finale of Fox's Batman-based drama "Gotham" was all about the Court of Owls, the final moments of the "Transference" episode delivered a truly unexpected twist to the proceedings.

After a major battle over the fate of Arkham Asylum occupied the majority of the episode (see a full rundown in CBR's recap shortly), a cabal of mutant freaks created by Hugo Strange make a break for it with the now truly fish-tastic Fish Mooney at the wheel. While Jada Pinkett-Smith's character escapes with her full faculties in tact, the last moments of the series lets the rest of the squad loose with far fewer Machiavellian smiles.

As a homeless old woman watches a blurry march of mutants spill out of the bus and into the city, viewers get a look at a number of semi-familiar monsters. These include the recently spotted "probably Killer Croc" beast and a wolfish creature that could call back to any number of minor Batman foes (our bet is on a future appearance from C-lister Professor Milo).

But the real reveal comes in the final moments as a long-haired doppelgänger for Bruce Wayne himself steps out onto the street and thanks the old woman for letting them free. This wouldn't be the first time the show has delivered a lookalike foe, though we're doubting the young monster is supposed to be a Clayface-like killer. With the Court of Owls definitely in the offing, the money is on this character representing some variation on Thomas Wayne Jr. - the never 100% confirmed brother to Bruce who played a central role in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Court-defining series as part of DC's New 52 take on "Batman."

Whatever the answer is, fans will have to wait through the summer before seeing the effects on "Gotham."

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