"Gotham" TV Series to Feature Marquee Batman Villains; "Constantine" Gets Pilot Order

Monday has proved to be a big day for in-development TV series based on DC Comics properties. First, Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly revealed further "Gotham" details, as reported by Deadline.

"The show will track Bruce from a child (around 12 years old) until he puts on a cape (in the finale)," Reilly is quoted as saying. That follows December's news that the show was casting a 10-year-old version of Batman's civilian identity, Bruce Wayne. Additionally, big-name Bat-villains are being planned for the potential series, with the Deadline article specifically naming Riddler, Catwoman and The Penguin. "We will see how they get to become what they are as Gotham is teetering on the edge," Reilly said.

Deadline also has word that NBC has ordered a pilot for "Constantine," based on long-running DC character John Constantine.

Spearheaded by "The Mentalist" creator Bruno Heller, "Gotham" is set to focus on the early police career of James Gordon. It was announced in September as receiving a "series commitment" from Fox -- not quite a series order, but certainly a good sign. "Constantine" is co-written by David S. Goyer, a veteran of numerous live-action DC projects, and another "Mentalist" alum, Daniel Cerone.

"Gotham" and "Constantine" are just two DC Comics-based TV shows in active development, along with "The Flash," "Hourman" and "iZombie" -- each at The CW, half-owned by DC parent company Time Warner and home of Green Arrow-inspired series "Arrow."

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