"Gotham" Showrunner Says Season 2 'Much More Focused and Character-Driven'

"Gotham" season two starts tonight, and showrunner Bruno Heller talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what makes the new season different from the first -- and it includes more "larger-than-life" elements bringing the show closer to the Batman mythos birthed by DC Comics.

"The first season was very much old-school Gotham, run by mobsters and the mafia," Heller told THR. "What we're seeing this year is the transformation of the underworld from that conventional underworld to a grotesque, larger-than-life underworld that eventually takes over Gotham and requires the creation of Batman."

Heller also weighed in on additions to the show, such as new antagonists Theo (James Frain) and Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas). "The Galavans bring that heightened, larger-than-life feeling that personifies what is happening to Gotham," he said. "What happens to Gotham is that the villains keep mutating and growing more gothic and stranger. They have larger visions, and more apocalyptic visions." Of Michael Chiklis' Gotham City Police Department Capt. Nathaniel Barnes, Heller said, "Finally Gordon has someone who is as gung-ho, committed and reckless enough to challenge the powers that be in Gotham, and bring about genuine change."

Overall, Heller billed the sophomore season of the show as "much more focused and character-driven, partly because we now have characters that have been established, and the audience knows their history." "Gotham" season two debuts tonight on Fox.

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