Who Died in the Gotham Season 4 Finale?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the Season 4 finale of Gotham, “No Man’s Land.”

The Season 4 finale of Gotham, as expected, took a pretty decent toll on not only the titular city, but also on the citizens who inhabit it. However, while the majority of the cast made it out of “No Man’s Land” with their lives intact, there were a few that weren’t so lucky.

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Introduced in Season 3, Ra’s al Ghul was killed by Bruce Wayne early on in Season 4. However, Ra’s’ loyal followers were able to resurrect him using Bruce’s blood, and he vowed to use this new lease on life to turn Bruce into the “Dark Knight of Gotham” he was meant to be. In the finale, though, Ra’s is once again killed in battle – this time by the combined efforts of both Bruce and Barbara Keene, who use the Kurdish dagger to stab him through the chest.

The other major player to meet their maker in the Season 4 finale of Gotham – also for the second time – was none other than Butch Gilzean, aka Solomon Grundy.

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Butch, of course, has been around since the show’s inception, but it wasn’t until he was shot in the head by Barbara in the Season 3 finale that we discovered his true name was Cyrus Gold – the comic book alias of Solomon Grundy. Naturally, this meant a major status quo shift for Butch come Season 4, but shortly after he was transformed back into his normal self by Dr. Hugo Strange, the bells tolled once more, courtesy of Oswald Cobblepot.

Penguin, citing the death of his mother at the hands of Butch, put a bullet in his one-time colleague, and this time around, it remains to be seen if he’ll return from the grave or if this is truly the end for Butch Gilzean/Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy.

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Gotham stars Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean and Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth. The series will return next season.

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