Gotham Belongs to the Criminals in New Season 5 Promo

The premiere of the fifth and final season of Gotham is just under a month away and yet, there is surprisingly very little we know about the final chapter in the Batman origin series. When Season 4 ended, Gotham's bridges were destroyed, cutting the city and its residents off from the rest of the mainland. Now, the city is a lawless wasteland where criminals, killers and gangs fight for control of their territories.

Today, Fox released a new promo for Gotham's Season 5 on the series' official Twitter account. However, this isn't your typical promo video. Instead of being an outright trailer, the video actually features no new footage. But, an audio recording does offer plenty of hints and teases at the dire situation the Gothamites have been left in.

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Visually, the video focuses on a cassette tape that is playing an audio recording that was recovered from Gotham's Green  Zone. The tape depicts a conversation between James Gordon and a government agent, as Gordon pleads for help. "After the bridges blew and the government declared Gotham off limits, the city was given over to criminals and murderers," Gordon says. "Now territory is controlled by whoever has enough power to hold it."

"We've been over this time and time again," the government official answers. "No one is allowed in or out of Gotham." Both characters continue to argue, with Gordon asking for help and the government denying it, clearly demonstrating that Gordon, Bruce Wayne and whoever else stayed behind to help the people are on their own.

The recording has a Batman: Arkham City vibe to it, and it's clear that the video game, as well as such comic book stories as Zero Year and No Man's Land inspired the final season of the television series.

It was previously revealed that the final season of Gotham would be subtitled "Legend of the Dark Knight," with Bruce Wayne taking the final steps in his journey to become the Batman. The season will be comprised of 12 chapters, to bring the Fox series' total to 100 episodes.

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Gotham stars Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean and Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth. It is scheduled to return on Fox for its fifth and final season on Jan. 3, 2019.

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