Gotham Actor Teases Season 5's No Man's Land: 'No One Is Safe'

Gotham's final season will draw inspiration from the 1999 Batman comics storyline "No Man's Land," in which the city is cut off from the rest of society, and abandoned by the federal government. On the Fox drama, the catastrophe isn't an earthquake but rather a series of explosions, but according to one cast member, the results will be very much the same.

Speaking with Fansided, Andrew Sellon, who plays Penguin's accountant Mr. Penn, warned, "If you thought Gotham was a tough town before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet."

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“No Man’s Land is literally a war zone," he continued, "and absolutely no one is safe. There’s danger — and potentially death — around every corner." Sellon teased that heroes will rise "out of all the anarchy and violence."

The new season will be shorter, at just 10 episodes, but when pressed Sellon assured that will not cut into the action. “Despite having our season shortened, everyone is there delivering 150 percent to give Gotham‘s fans the insanely high quality they’ve come to expect,” he said.

Gotham will return for its fifth and final season in 2019 on Fox.

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