"Gotham" Season 3 First Look Teases [SPOILER]'s Big Entrance

Say what you will about Fish Mooney, but she certainly knows how to make a grand entrance."Gotham" showrunner Danny Cannon unveiled the photo of Jada Pinkett-Smith on Twitter, accompanied by the words "Mooney's entrance." It confirms that the one-time owner of Mooney's Nightclub will indeed play a role in the third season of the Fox drama.

Of course, viewers had little doubt, after the presumed-dead Mooney resurfaced last season in the care of Hugo Strange at the Indian Hill facility, alive -- well, revived -- if perhaps not exactly well. "Patient 13" was last seen disappearing into the shadows after commandeering a bus filled with fellow inmates and escaping from Indian Hill. No doubt she and Strange's other test subjects will play a significant role in Season 3.

Executive Producer John Stephens revealed to CBR in May that fans can expect appearances from the Mad Hatter, the Tweedle Brothers, Talon and, likely, Solomon Grundy. And don't forget Poison Ivy, who was recast for Season 3.

"Gotham" returns Sept. 19 on Fox.

#gothamseason3 Mooney's entrance. pic.twitter.com/81cZUP0RHX

- Danny Cannon (@DannyJCannon) July 9, 2016

(via TVLine)

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