Gotham Shares Sneak Peek of Bane's Costume

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With Gotham coming to a close next year, one of Batman's most dangerous enemies, Bane, will be making his debut in the show's fifth season, played by actor Shane West. So far, however, no full body pictures detailing the show's portrayal of "the Man Who Broke the Bat" have surfaced thus far, but a tweet from West gives fans a small peek at how the show may approach the character.

In a post on his Twitter, West showed off a script for Gotham on his desk with the word "Savage" written across a big black smudge at the bottom of the series logo. The actor's morning repast, meanwhile, sits in a container with the words "Shane (or shall I say...Bane)" covering the lid.

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But the true eye candy of the picture is a black glove next to the container, with a metal contraption on the back of the hand, indicating that the show will keep the source of Bane's terrifying strength, the addictive drug known as Venom.

If the appearance of the glove is any indication, the Gotham version of Bane may be a more faithful adaptation of the character than his last two live-action appearances. The version in Batman & Robin had Venom constantly pumped into his body, while the The Dark Knight Rises Bane had no unnatural strength enhancement.

Whatever the case, when Bane shows up in the final season of Gotham, it's clear that Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Bruce (David Mazouz) may have their work cut out for them.

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Airing Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, Gotham stars Ben McKenzie as James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin, Cameron Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean and Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth.

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