Gotham’s Season Four Premiere Title Has Been Revealed

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The title of the first episode of Gotham’s fourth season has been revealed. The episode will be titled “Pax Penuina,” as revealed on Twitter this afternoon by John Stephens. Stephens is an executive producer on the show and is credited as the episode’s writer.

Little is known about the plot for the fourth season of Gotham, but the title, and the events of the show’s season three finale, offer some clues.

The title “Pax Penguina” is a reference to the Latin phrase “Pax Romana,” a term that roughly translates into “Roman Peace.” The phrase has taken on the modern connotation of an uneasy or hostile peace imposed on a weaker force by a stronger one.

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The season three finale of Gotham saw Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Taylor), known by his criminal moniker Penguin, cement plans to open a new nightclub called the Iceberg Lounge. In the Batman comics, the lounge has long served as a hub for Gotham’s criminal underbelly and the headquarters of the Penguin.

While it’s purely speculation at this point, the storytellers at Gotham could be readying Taylor’s Penguin for another major power grab. Another possibility is that viewers will find a complacent Penguin suddenly thrust into the spotlight by a young, precocious vigilante, whose rise was alluded to in the finale.

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