Gotham's 'Multiple Jokers' Could Have Comic Book Roots

Stop us if you've heard this one before: A man walks into a Gotham City police station, with a big grin on his face. His goals are nefarious, and he plans to unleash chaos. For all intents and purposes, he appears to be the Joker... but then he dies, just as it's revealed that he has a twin brother. Who also turns into a maniacal criminal.

Such is the twist that befell Fox's Gotham these past few weeks. Cameron Monaghan's Jerome Valeska, who appeared throughout all four seasons of the series, was wildly believed to be the Batman series' take on Joker. And, in many ways, he truly was. He had all the right trademarks, and he even went through similar plot developments from the comics. But then the other shoe dropped when Jerome's twin brother Jeremiah arrived on the scene. In the end, Jerome died, but not before he ensured that his relatively sane brother would follow in his insane footsteps.

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With this twisted turn of events, it appears as if Jeremiah is now destined to become the purple-clad embodiment of chaos on Gotham. But since Jerome can easily be seen as the series' "first" Joker, Jeremiah would then be its second -- which lines up with what Gotham's showrunner recently explained. The Joker, it was confirmed, is being treated more as an idea, a concept haunting the streets of Gotham City. And while it might seem an odd approach to the character, it's a notion that just may happen to come from DC's recent comic books.

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Gotham's Joker story is one that has been constantly shifting and evolving, ever since its very first episode. Back when the series began, fans were told that many potential Jokers would popup throughout its run, giving viewers a number of possible answers as to who the future Joker could be. It started out with a failed comedian, it continued with the almost-mythic nature of the Red Hood Gang, and it sort of cemented around Jerome, who would spawn a cult of Joker-like followers. For all intents and purposes, Jerome was Gotham's Joker. I mean, the man who stapled his severed face back on, and who had the scars of a permanent smile.

This "multiple choice" approach to the character seemed to have been inspired by the Joker's famous speech from The Killing Joke. Now, however, it appears the jump from Jerome to Jeremiah draw from from another piece of comic book canon.

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