The Dank Knight Rises: 15 Gotham Memes More Entertaining Than The Show

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On paper, Gotham sounds like an interesting show. Take a pre-Batman Gotham City from the perspective of Jim Gordon. Follow him as he solves crime and deals with the upcoming thieves and robbers who will eventually become members of the Dark Knight's rogues' gallery. Set it all in a dark tone in the style of a cop drama, and you've got the potential for greatness there.

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However, Gotham isn't exactly what was promised to us from the start. The show butchered many key aspects of Batman lore, has focused more on Bruce Wayne than Jim Gordon (making us question the need to follow him in the first place) and brings in numerous villains that don't quite match up chronologically. Still, there are plenty of changes that are well-received, such as how Barbara Gordon became a psychopath and the interpretations of some of the villains. Yet, when all is said and done, Gotham is ripe for the taking when it comes to memes. Being able to point out the flaws and get people laughing at the same time is something these cheap pictures have always been good at, and they're justified here. These are our 15 picks for Gotham memes that are more entertaining than the show.

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The gap between our freshman and senior years of high school is a massive one that signifies who we will become as adults. Even the big names of Gotham City aren't immune to this either, as we've seen Bruce, Joker and Catwoman all go through serious transitions the longer they've been around.

This meme pokes fun at the fact that the Batman characters depicted on Gotham don't look quite like their more serious counterparts from Tim Burton's interpretation. As a matter of fact, the former characters are young, have a lot of identity realization to go through, and feature many changes along the way. That said, if we get to see Gotham end with characters very similar to Tim Burton's franchise, then we won't complain.


Of all of the villains that were brought into Gotham, Catwoman remains the most morally ambiguous as she normally is during anything involving her and Batman. She is more a character who is meant to interact with Bruce Wayne and set up their later adventures as adults. It's also worth noting that the actress that plays her in the show somewhat resembles Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns.

This meme takes this interpretation of Catwoman and makes a pretty big conclusion early on. After the pilot episode, despite not saying any words, this Catwoman happens to be better than Halle Berry's portrayal in the Catwoman film. That's not saying much, as a crappy sandwich is still better than a moldy one- not that we don't like the Gotham Catwoman.


One of the biggest tropes with cop shows is that they take a lot of time to show many members of the department, but rarely show them doing anything besides sitting around looking like they're doing something important. The only people who ever actually put on their jackets to solve cases are the characters that we're following. Everyone else is simply there to make the setting seem more realistic.

If there were ever a point where the characters in Gotham got wise about this, it would be Harvey Bullock. This meme perfectly depicts exactly how that conversation would go. The GCPD would get a call and Harvey and Jim would suit up and head out. Then Harvey would call out at the rest of the department about how lazy they are.


One thing Gotham had going for it in its early days was building up Oswald Cobblepot to be the conniving crime lord that he was in the comics. From taking over another criminal enterprise to manipulating his way to the top, we get to see Oswald go from a mere lackey to a full-time mob boss. One scene even saw him go straight to Jim Gordon's house, who was responsible for saving his life.

However, Gordon had a reaction very similar to the rest of the audience as he looked on in shock. This meme perfectly encapsulates what viewers yelled at their TV screens when Cobblepot walked in the door. After that, we and Gordon both knew that the Penguin would need to be dealt with.


Seeing Bruce Wayne become Batman is a tale we've all heard before, but one that doesn't translate as well in Gotham. Because the show starts with the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce is very young and will remain that way by the time the series ends. Yet, the writers insist on having a subplot with him learning his fighting styles and turning into a vigilante.

With all that in mind, we're glad that we have memes like this that poke fun at the young age of Bruce in the show. Instead of finishing his classic catchphrase of "I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman," we get a bit where he loses his words and states that he's totally lost. Priceless.


The consensus in Gotham is that Edward Nygma is one of the best characters in the show. Working at the Gotham Police Department, we were shown signs that he wasn't right in the head. As the show developed, so did his superiority complex and he slowly became the Riddler than we all know and love. Or did he?

This meme argues that he's not nearly as good a villain in the show as he was a character. He climbed his way to the top by fighting the Penguin, and it led to some great moments. Going forward into season four, Riddler will also be taking a few steps backward because of his being iced by the Penguin (literally). Here's hoping that the writers know what they're doing.


When Gotham began, we got a good look at Edward Nygma from the very start. He was already at the point of making cute riddles and hints in his current and fragile mental state. Many people were quick to point out that the writers were laying on the hints pretty heavily that Nygma would eventually don the green suit and stretch his brilliant arm over the city.

That's the underlying theme behind this brilliant meme. Following Harvey Bullock as he talks to Nygma, we get this classic expression as he tells the soon-to-be-Riddler that his subtlety is astounding (with the appropriate amount of sarcasm, obviously). Needless to say, a lot of the fans who watched the show reached a similar conclusion about this interpretation of Nygma.


Robin Taylor has mastered the creepy art of being the Penguin in Gotham. While he might be a skinny and lanky man, he has proven that he has the chops to play a crime lord. Case in point? The expressions on his face. Where he gets to flex his evil muscles, Taylor gives the Penguin a certain sinister vibe in every frame, and we have to say, he even makes us a little uncomfortable.

Then comes this meme that makes light of his creepy expressions. While sitting in a bath, it turns out that Penguin isn't actually contemplating someone's murder. Instead, he's thinking of how to get back at the shampoo company that he patronized. Despite saying "Damage Repair" on the bottle, he still finds himself broken on the inside.


Jim Gordon wasn't the only main cop to be featured in Gotham. Juxtaposed to his optimistic and moral persona was the ambiguous Harvey Bullock. The latter knew how Gotham City worked and what he had to do in order to get answers. This led to conflict between them numerous times, but on the other hand, it also gave us priceless jokes like this one.

Harvey is a man motivated by food (as most of us are) and he doesn't care if he's on or off the job. When a man has to eat, a man has to eat. In this picture, he has a drink in one hand and a sandwich in another while he's yelling at his partner to at least give him an opportunity to eat his food. Despite how ridiculous it may seem, this is a situation that many of us can relate to.


While Gotham features many younger interpretations of classic villains, some of the design choices don't exactly work (look at the Court of Owls to know what we're talking about). While Mister Freeze has been a big Batman villain, his look here leaves much to be desired. As many fans have pointed out, he looks very similar to Wentworth Miller's version of Captain Cold on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

This meme plays around with that idea, as it depicts Mister Freeze as a thief who stole the costume of Captain Cold. Naturally, a fight between these two would be cool to watch, but it'd be hard to see what was going on considering how similar the two of them work. We'll just have to wait a decade or two for Freeze to become the real bad guy that we remember him as.


Gotham showcases one of the most different Alfreds we have ever seen in the Batman universe. Where the butler is typically depicted as a wise and frail old man with a big heart, that couldn't be further from the truth in this show. Instead, Alfred is younger and much more imposing. He doesn't play around and will tear into anyone who tries to threaten or harm Bruce.

As you can imagine, the fights between Alfred and Bruce in the show don't play out so well. This meme imagines a scene where Bruce and Alfred become estranged before they reunite. Bruce then admits to him that he needs his old butler back because he already forgot how to butter two pieces of bread, put cheese between them, and set it on a griddle to cook.


Bruce Wayne's character hinges on one crucial event in his childhood: the murder of his parents right in front of him. Since then, he decided to take matters into his own hands to ensure that never happened to anyone else and that Gotham City would forever be a safe place to live. However, that makes him a little testy when people start talking about his parents.

This meme shows us a Bruce who was just fed a comment about his mother. Responding with an angry expression and tone, we're shocked that he isn't digging out the pseudo-batsuit to go down. Another reason this meme works is that it also subtly hints at the climactic battle in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. You know which one we're talking about.


Gotham that doesn't really know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a prequel series to the popular Batman lore we all know and love? Does it want to set up Bruce Wayne to be the vigilante we know he will become? We're not exactly sure. Because of this, many Batman fans have jumped ship and moved on to other projects.

The point of this is to say that it's not uncommon to see Batman fans hate on Gotham. Yet, this meme depicts the culture of people who fall in love with TV shows. When someone else states their dislike, the fans get all teary-eyed, just like Jerome in the picture. It could also point out the fact that if a Batman fan doesn't like it, then it may have some serious problems. If we liked the show, we'd probably cry about that too.


There's something very classy about the way Penguin and Riddler dress in Gotham. Due to the aesthetic of the show, they seem very vintage rather than modern and it makes them the best dressed pair on the show. Couple that with their personalities, and you've got the making of olden day serial killers right before your very eyes. It doesn't help that they eventually turned on each other.

In regard to their garb, we have to admit that the best thing to come out of it is this meme. It points out their vintage style and gets the opportunity to throw a reference to Macklemore's "Thrift Shop"It seems that Cobblepot and Nygma popped some tags despite only having 20 dollars to spend in their pockets.


After spending a lot of time developing Bruce's tendency to go off and fight crime, the writers of Gotham are giving him some more time to develop as a superhero. However, because he is still fairly young, they can't stick him in the cape and cowl just yet. In the classic outfit's absence, we have a prototype that is... well, it's something alright.

The point here is that the suit doesn't look good and, luckily for us, we have a meme that shares our beliefs. It plays on the line in The Dark Knight where Batman says, "I'm the hero Gotham deserves but not the one that it needs." Instead, we have the hero that Gotham City deserves but not the one that it wants. Get a better costume first, Bruce.

Which of these memes is the funniest to you? Let us know in the comments!

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