Gotham Goes To War Ahead of Fall Finale

For weeks, Fox's drama Gotham has been playing games with its audience on two key antagonists for Season 4. And last night, the show turned over its cards to set those villains on a collision course with open warfare.

On one side of the equation is Sofia Falcone. The daughter of mob boss Carmine Falcone, the young heiress has been inscrutable in her true goals. By day she's opening orphanages in honor of Penguin while cozying up to Jim Gordon late at night, leaving the viewer to wonder what side she was really on. As it turns out, the answer was only ever her own.

In the "Things That Go Boom" episode, Falcone finally made her play by trying to force Gordon to attack Oswald Cobblepot and create a vacuum in organized crime that she could fill. Ever the White Knight, Jim doesn't fall for it – even when Sofia seemingly plays honest with him for once by saying how she's sure that they're two sides of the same power-lusting coin. But the fallout from her failed gambit means that Falcone has to go it alone and challenge Penguin openly with an uneasy alliance with Barbara Keane's sirens as her main backup. This being Gotham, of course the showdown between rival crime factions involves a fakeout where a young child is blown up, but with that unpleasantness aside the remaining factions seemed poised to go into a gonzo series of gangland killings next week in the fall finale.

But if war is coming, there always has to be a wild card. And this time out it's Lazlo Valentine – AKA Pyg. The erudite serial killer seemed to be all done until this week offered a left-field twist with the idea that the would-be cannibal with an eye on Gordon isn't exactly what he seems. In fact, the villain is less urbane gentleman and more southern pig farmer in his mannerisms, with the change in attitude accented by a series of surgery's meant to make him look the way he does now.

By episode's end, Pyg is in the wind from Arkham Asylum, though it's unclear whether we're supposed to believe he's some kind of mystery figure from Gordon's past or just a nut who had a fetish for plastic surgery. Either way, with a killer on the loose, this show has a tendency to not let thing like mob wars go off without a hitch.

Gotham drops its mid-season finale next week with the ominously titled "Queen Takes Knight."

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