Gotham Girl: How the DC 'Hero' Helped Break Batman

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DC Rebirth has seen a whole host of new characters come into the DC Universe, including the fledgling superhero Gotham Girl, Gotham City's newest protector. However, as Tom King's acclaimed run on Batman has continued, it has quickly become quickly that the young crime-fighter may not be as heroic as she initially appeared while Batman's longtime nemesis Bane began his plot to break the Bat once and for all for the fate of Gotham.

Now, CBR is taking a quick look back at Gotham Girl, from her early appearances to her powers and abilities, and how she has played a pivotal role in Bane's master plan to conquer Gotham City.

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Who is Gotham Girl?

gotham and gotham girl

Created by Tom King and David Finch at the start of DC Rebirth, Claire Clover and her older brother Hank gained superpowers through genetic experiments and decided to protect Gotham City in memory of their deceased parents, dubbing themselves Gotham and Gotham Girl. The duo made their public debut rescuing Batman and an airliner attacked by the terrorist organization Kobra Cult, before Batman started mentoring the siblings.

Despite his best efforts, the two new heroes were targeted by Psycho Pirate who used his mind control powers to drive Gotham insane and pit him against Batman and the Justice League, which resulted in the young hero's death fighting his own sister. Gotham Girl took the death of her brother hard, shaving her head and imagining conversations with him. Concerned, Batman revealed his identity of Bruce Wayne to Claire and confided his own constant grief over his parents' murders.

What are Gotham Girl's Powers?

Eventually, it's evealed that Claire and Henry had paid for their powers to an unscrupulous scientist for the genetic experimentation. The siblings' powers were connected to the life-force: the more often and powerfully the tap into their newfound superhuman abilities, the more of a physical toll it takes. It was estimated that the two could life with the powers of Superman for approximately two years at even higher power levels for a matter of hours before their bodies died from the over-exertion.

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The experiments gave Claire the powers of super strength, speed, and endurance, as well as flight and enhanced senses, most notably a form of Super-Vision which Gotham Girl dubs Ultra Vision. When not directly tapping into her powers, Claire's natural lifespan is relatively unaffected.

Gotham Girl in City of Bane

Staying mainly to the sidelines as she continues to mourn Hank's death, Bane revealed that Gotham Girl and Psycho Pirate were part of his master plan to completely break Batman, both physically and psychologically, and take over Gotham City. While Claire's links to Bane were initially unknown, it was eventually revealed that the villain had played upon Claire's grief and recruited her after promising to resurrect Hank by injecting his body full of experimental drug Venom.

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With Bane's extensive plans to break Batman once and for all, it's likely that the longtime villain had a hand in the experiments that gave Claire and Hank their powers prior to the start of DC Rebirth. While Gotham Girl may have initially been a mole in Batman's crime-fighting operations, it appears that she will team up with Flashpoint's Batman, Bruce's father Thomas Wayne from an alternate timeline, to become his Robin as Batman prepares to take the fight directly to Bane and his cabal of allies seeking to destroy the legacy of Batman for their own respective motivations.

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