"Gotham" EP Reveals Batman-Influencing Role For Bruce Wayne's Doppelgänger

Questions will soon be answered for fans left puzzled by last season's "Gotham" finale. According to executive producer Ken Woodruff, big plans are afoot for Bruce Wayne's mysterious doppelgänger, who was introduced to audiences in the episodes closing moments, stealing away from the crashed bus of Indian Hill escapees.

In an interview with Collider during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, Woodruff discussed the upcoming season of "Gotham."

Part of Hugo Strange's menagerie of misfits that were released onto the streets of Gotham, Woodruff promises big things ahead for the long haired fellow that looked a lot like Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz). "We're bringing him in to show Bruce Wayne a lot of things. It's easier to see things in someone else than it is to see them in yourself. The whole idea of split personalities, like the playboy persona of Bruce Wayne that he uses, to great effect, later on in his life, are the kinds of things that we wanted to have Bruce Wayne learn from this doppleganger."

Woodruff may have also hinted at something more in store for the doppleganger, besides Bruce living vicariously through him, something a bit more ominous. "I can imagine that anyone from the Court of Owls to villains would want to get their hands on him because, if you can pretend to be Bruce Wayne, you can control Wayne Enterprises and you can influence a lot of important people around the city. That could be pretty lucrative and powerful, if you want it to be."

As for what those plans may be, Woodruff isn't saying, promising only that "there are some plot moves and story stuff that we're getting into, in the second half of the season." In short, answers are coming -- just don't expect them right away.

"Gotham" returns September 19 on Fox.

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