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Gotham EP Explains Poison Ivy’s New Age

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Gotham EP Explains Poison Ivy’s New Age

When the producers of “Gotham” revealed that they would be making alterations to Poison Ivy’s character for Season 3 — most notably, making her older — some fans were left scratching their heads in befuddlement. Well, according to Executive Producer Ken Woodruff, it has quite a bit to do with wanting to explore Poison Ivy’s seductive powers.

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Speaking with CBR News, Woodruff was asked about Ivy’s appearance in the Season 3 premiere, where she was attacked by one of Fish Mooney’s goons. Woodruff laid out his reasoning behind the changes they were making:

“One of the character’s biggest skills or powers is the power of seduction. In order for Ivy to exist and be a threat to most of our characters – Gordon, Bullock, Captain Barnes and all the villains – she needed to be older in order to exploit that power. No one felt comfortable having a 15-year-old seduce grown men. It was weird.

The other thing was it’s not just a physical change. We’re leaning into an emotional change as well. Something happened to her. It wasn’t that she got aged-up. Something in the wiring and the DNA changed as well. It’s not the same Ivy. It’s a little more dangerous for Selina because she thinks she can trust this person down the road, but can she? Ivy is much more of a villain now.”

It seems the encounter from the end of the Season 3 premiere is the catalyst for Ivy’s rapid aging. It also appears that she will be getting up close and personal on more than one occasion this season if her power of seduction is truly going to come into play. Which characters she’ll be interacting on this level with, though, is currently unknown.

How this darker version of Ivy will play into the plot is also a mystery. Will she be teaming up with other villains? Does she have her own motivations for her actions? Future episodes are likely to add some clarity to how this transformation has affected her psyche.

“Gotham” airs Mondays at 8pm ET on FOX.

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