"Gotham" Debuts First Look at Mr. Freeze

Just ahead of his premiere tonight on "Gotham," Fox has revealed a first look at Nathan Darrow as classic Batman villain Mr. Freeze.

The photos arrive courtesy of USA Today, which speaks briefly with the "House of Cards" veteran about his role as Wayne Enterprises cryogenics engineer Victor Fries.

Announced late last month, Fries will make his icy presence felt in tonight's fall finale and then return Feb. 29 as "Gotham" ends its undoubtedly chilly winter break.

"Victor has one central intimate human connection, and that's with his wife," Darrow tells USA Today, referring to the terminally ill Nora (played by Kristen Hager). "There's something really, really interesting and vulnerable and difficult about that. Of course, that is threatened by her illness. In some of the research I did on the character as he has evolved in the comic book, he has a more tenuous connection with humanity and his own humanity, and she's it. He is applying all his talents and skills and energies to maintaining that."

The photos also include a closeup of the villain's freeze gun (below). Although Darrow doesn't say much about the weapon, he does tease, "we're going to see Mr. Freeze do some things we have never seen him do."

"Gotham" airs tonight at 8 ET/PT on Fox.

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