10 Gotham City Villains We'd Like To See In The Batwoman TV Show

With the CW officially releasing the trailer for the upcoming Batwoman TV series, there's a lot of speculation on some of the foes she may be facing. The roughly 3 minutes of footage confirmed that the big bad of the first season would be Alice, an Alice in Wonderland themed villain, who's obsessed with the books and quoting them.

Much like all the other Arrowverse shows, however, there's a lot more room for other villains to appear which Batwoman could face. Whilst there have been numerous Gotham City villains adapted to the big and small screen in the Batman franchise and in the series Gotham, the CW will create their own versions of these classic villains. So here at 10 Gotham City villains that we want to in the Batwoman TV show.

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Mad Hatter
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10 Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

A Batman villain with heavy ties to Gotham City, The Mad Hatter is another character inspired by the works of Lewis Caroll. Although he has never teamed up with Alice in the comics, that doesn't mean Batwoman can't feature the duo in action together for the first time. The Mad Hatter has been adapted for Gotham before and was a lot of fun to watch. He's a formidable foe for the heroine, and with Batman no longer protecting the city, it makes sense that Hatter would try to take advantage of the situation.

9 The Wonderland Gang

Alongside this, a similar concept is to add The Wonderland Gang into the Arrowverse for the first time. Alice will need some kind of henchmen to back her up and this is the most logical team to employ. In the trailer, we have already seen some men in Rabbit masks suggesting the showrunners may go down this route. Having been mainstays in Gotham City for some time, The Wonderland Gang are lead by Tweedledum Dum and Tweedledee Dee, cousins that look so similar they can often fool those they are conning by pretending there is only of them. Known for their small scale heists, this could be a one-off villainous team for Kate Kane to face or long term henchmen.

8 The Victim Syndicate

A group created by the victims of super villains, these broken individuals blame vigilantes such as Batman and Batwoman for what has happened to them. The team consists of The First Victim, Madame Crow, Mr. Noxious, Mudface and mute. Each of these victims has been affected in some way by a famous Gotham villain resulting in similar skills or abilities. The most interesting of the group is The First Victim, a mysterious man whose identity is never revealed and Madame Crow, the first experiment of Scarecrow.

7 Talia Al Ghul

The daughter of Ra's al Ghul and former member of the League of Assassins, the character has already been heavily featured in the Arrowverse. With the supposed death of Ra's al Ghul still permanent and Talia now leading her own cult, it's very possible that the character shows up in Batwoman. Just because Oliver and Talia have worked together in the past, this doesn't mean that the trained warrior is trustworthy. Perhaps looking to reclaim the city her family once had a hold over, Batwoman would have to face this newer incarnation of the League to protect her home.

6 Bloody Mary

A villain whose name is partially based on the myth that saying her name into a mirror three times will make her appear, this murderer has a tragic history. With her husband cheating on her, she could no longer trust him, killing him for his choices. Her killing spree continued, including men who were not to be trusted and 'husband-stealing' women. A psychopath that could appear in one episode as a villain of the week, this dark and twisted tale could fit perfectly with the tone that the CW is clearly aiming for.

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5 Calendar Man

The villain who's murders correspond to important dates and holidays; this member of the Batman's rogue gallery also has a brief history with Batwoman in the comics, as one of the first villains she catches. Calendar Man could serve as a side plot throughout this first season, becoming a mysterious murderer who leaves clues and riddles to track him down. It would be a different type of for Batwoman to face, as whilst he could not match her physically, psychologically he may have her beat.

4 Catman

A C-list villain who grew a romantic obsession with Batwoman, this petty criminal could easily act a thorn in Kate's side across the series. The costume he dons his similar to Batman's clearly riffing on it, down to the ears on the cowl. Catman is not so much a physical threat to Batwoman, not in the same way that Catwoman is to Batman, but the washed-up criminal will do everything he can to gain the Bat's attention and maintain some relevance in Gotham City.

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3 Weeping Woman

A crying lady that roams the night looking for the two sons she killed out of jealousy for the attention she got from her husband. The DC version took this idea and created a ghostly character who lost custody of her kids and worked for a villainous organization. This organization, led by Medusa, will be interesting to see translated to the TV show, but it feels like the Weeping Woman, in particular, has a lot more to explore in terms of her character. Introducing this villain who has lost so much, might be a way to bring out some of the humanity in the small screen Batwoman.

2 Wolf Spider

A recurring character in the Batwoman comics and a former friend to Kate Kane, this thief has been tasked with stealing artwork which may have clues to a hidden family inheritance. The identity of the past friend is well kept from Kane, who only sees Wolf Spider as another foe. The relationship between the two can be far more fleshed out in the Batwoman CW series, with the friends not knowing that although by day they may laugh together, by night they are at battle with one another as Batwoman and Wolf Spider.

1 Green Fairy

An Arkham Asylum inmate that was actually released by Wolf Spider, this meta human could be a powered villain for Batwoman to face as part of a foe of the week format. Whilst her backstory and history are not overly extensive, the visuals of the character, the design, and the power set would make the character a good match-up against the newest Gotham hero. The show could flesh out this character further and introduce her as a force to be reckoned with.

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