The Gotham City Sirens Movie May Have Quietly Become Birds of Prey, Again

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While Wonder Woman has helped to steer the DC Extended Universe back on track, there's no denying that there's still a feeling of uncertainty surrounding the DCEU. Despite announcing countless projects over the past few years, only a few have begun active production, much less actually come to fruition. One of the most recent moves has seen Warner Bros. hire the writer slated to script its Birds of Prey movie to pen Batgirl, leading us to question whether previously announced Gotham City Sirens film is still happening -- or if the Birds of Prey film has taken its place.

Despite landing Suicide Squad director David Ayer back in 2016, little to no movement has been seen on Gotham City Sirens. Ayer, of course, has been tied up with the fantasy movie, Bright, on Netflix, and its forthcoming sequel, which he'll return to direct. Furthermore, he has continued to state that even with his busy schedule, Gotham City Sirens is still very much alive and he's still attached to direct. However, following the news that Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson is now working on Batgirl, it would seem that Gotham City Sirens is, at least temporarily, on the backburner. After all, according to reports, not only is Hodson now penning a second DC film, but the studio is thought to be taking the next the next step with her Harley Quinn-led Birds of Prey script.

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So, what the heck is going on? Is Gotham City Sirens no more, or is Birds of Prey, which was originally teased back in 2016, Robbie's secret Harley Quinn-led feature? The DC Extended Universe's constant state of change makes it a bit difficult top know for sure, of course. Following the poor reception of Justice League, Warner Bros. made some big changes behind the scenes that have altered the studio's plans going forward. Along with seemingly cutting all ties with Zack Snyder behind the camera, it has shifted towards hiring more Oscar-caliber directors such as Matt Reeves and Ava DuVernay for The Batman and New Gods, while saying goodbye to Joss Whedon's previously announced take on Batgirl.

To say that the DCEU's slate is ever-changing would be putting it lightly. The studio appears to be trying to figure out how it wants to approach its cinematic universe, and as such is taking the necessary steps to essentially rebuild after numerous critical bombs. Which is why the reports suggesting Birds of Prey is moving forward, with absolutely no mention of Gotham City Sirens, is so interesting.

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