Gotham City Sirens: David Ayer Signals He's Still On Board

gotham city sirens

Writer/director David Ayer spoke only recently about his enthusiasm for Gotham City Sirens, which made a report that his involvement with the Suicide Squad spinoff "is now in question" all the more surprising. However, the filmmaker seemed to push back against that article Wednesday night with a single image.


— David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) July 27, 2017

Ayer didn't elaborate on Twitter, instead opting to let a detail from Amanda Conner's cover for Harley Quinn #21 do his talking.

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Mashable reported on Wednesday that director Zack Snyder and his wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder, once viewed as shepherds of the fledgling DC Extended Universe, will play a significantly role in the franchise moving forward, an assertion Warner Bros. strongly denied. Zack Snyder stepped back from Justice League in March following the suicide of his daughter, selecting Joss Whedon to finish the film, which involves extensive reshoots and additional photography estimated to cost about $25 million.

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The same article asserted that Ayer, who wrote and directed 2016's Suicide Squad, will not "ultimately be part of [Warner Bros.'] plans" for Gotham City Sirens, which the director's representatives denied. They contend the film is still in development, but that the script is not complete.

Although Gotham City Sirens wasn't part of Warner Bros.' Hall H presentation at Comic-Con International, it's believed to still be part of the ever-expanding DCEU lineup. Announced even before Suicide Squad was released, the spinoff will be led Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, who's expected to be teamed with fellow DC Comics antiheroines Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

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