<i>Gotham City Imposters</i> lets everyone play as Batman, kinda

Warner Bros. and video game studio Monolith are working on a new downloadable, multiplayer, first-person shooter Batman game called Gotham City Imposters. The game will let everyone can be Batman, or at least "a Batman." According to Destructoid:

The idea is this: regular, everyday folks -- bored with their decidedly average vanilla lives -- have decided to take things into their own hands. On one side, you have folks dressed like Bats, personalized variations of the Gotham's crime fighting Dark Knight. On the flip side, you have the Jokerz, mischievous citizens who've identified themselves more with the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker.

That underlying narrative lends itself to Gotham City Impostors' reason for existing: team versus team online multiplayer shooting. It's also a great setup for allowing a wide range of player customization, which will allow players to carve their owner Jokerz/Bats identity online.

I call dibs on this guy:

(You can find the Sergio Aragones Batman statue in the DC solicitations from earlier this week).

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