"Gotham" Casts Colm Feore as Villainous Dollmaker

Deadline reports that actor Colm Feore will bring the Dollmaker to life on Fox's "Gotham." The character was mentioned by name in an early episode of the pre-Batman series, with Selina Kyle accusing him of kidnapping a number of homeless children.

Though details are sparse, the character appears to be based on a villain introduced as part of DC Comics' New 52 initiative. In the source material, the Dollmaker is a gifted surgeon who wears a mask made from the skin of his deceased, cannibalistic father. The Dollmaker is responsible for cutting off the Joker's face at the behest of Batman's arch villain. He is also known for experimenting on people, sometimes sewing their bodies together while keeping them alive by feeding them through tubes inserted into their stomachs.

The second season of "Arrow" featured a take on the Dollmaker played by actor Michael Eklund. The Starling City-based version was a serial killer who murdered young women, preserving their bodies and posing them like dolls.


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