Adapting Snyder & Capullo’s Batman: Zero Year Is Gotham's Best Move

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Gotham's Season 4 finale, "No Man's Land."

Gotham has never been the place to look to if you wanted to see Bruce Wayne's definitive origin story. From the very start, it was clear that the series was charting its own path, borrowing elements from comic books, cartoons, video games and previous movies to create one unique, over-the-top and somehow satisfying new tapestry. The series reared the usual notion that Batman created the city's most notorious and colorful criminals on its head, choosing instead to plunge viewers into a story where Gotham and its crazed lunatics are leading to the creation of Batman.

It's a different approach to a story most people are familiar with, and the series is made all the more unpredictable for it. Over the course of four seasons, Bruce Wayne has been inching his way closer and closer to becoming the caped crusader, the Season 4 finale taking the character closer to the mantle than ever before.

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Now, we already know that Season 5 will be the Fox series' last. On top of that, it's already been confirmed that, among other comic book stories, The New 52's Batman origin story Zero Year will serve as inspiration for the show's final season.

Given where Season 4 left us, it seems like that is the perfect story to adapt for this version of Bruce Wayne's transformation into Batman. Dare we say, it was the only possible choice.

"No Man's Land" ended with Gotham in the most precarious of situations. Jeremiah Valeska detonated bombs on every one of the bridges leading in and out of the city, closing it off from the main land. Now, the city is left without power, and its residents are stuck in a lawless land where every super-criminal rules over a portion of the territory. It's up to Jim Gordon, the GCPD and Bruce Wayne to find a way to instill order back in a broken city without any. Before the episode ended, Bruce had a choice: to leave with Alfred, or stay behind and make Gotham City his responsibility. By deciding to remain in the city and help, Bruce took perhaps the biggest leap towards his transformation into the Dark Knight.

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