GOTG's Nova Corps Resemble Stormtroopers In Early Concept Art

If you think back to 2014's "Guardians of the Galaxy," you'll recall that the Nova Corps were the peace-keepers of the planet Xandar that aided the Guardians in their final showdown against Ronan the Accuser. The only noticeable form of armor was their bucket-shaped helmet that held the traditional Xandarian star on the forehead. New concept art from Andy Park gives a vastly different look for the galactic task force.

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"This was an early design I concept illustrated for the Nova Corp in the 1st #GuardiansoftheGalaxy movie," Parks shared in an Instagram post. "It was an amazing time trying to come up with the look & feel of this totally new franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Up until this point it was all Avengers related films. This was our chance to do something different. We saw it as Marvel's Star Wars while working on it."

One major difference from concept art to the final product is the Nova Corp member is heavily armored compared to his film counterparts. Also, the brightly colored Xandarian star is replaced with a subdued metallic chrome, matching the armor. As Parks says, the look is more "Star Wars" stormtrooper than comic book Nova Corps.

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