Gossip Girl, Chuck Creator Goes John Hughes In <i>Fun Size</i>

What do you get when you mix a writer from The Colbert Report and the creator and producer of The OC, Gossip Girl and Chuck? The answer, apparently, is Fun Size.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Size will be the first project to come from producer Josh Schwartz's new two-year deal with Paramount Pictures. The studio has just purchased the script by Colbert writer Max Werner that is described as "Superbad meets Adventures In Babysitting... set on Halloween," and Schwartz is very enthusiastic:

'Fun Size' is exactly the kind of project we're targeting at Paramount: funny, smart and surprisingly emotional... [Schwartz' production company's VP of features, Liz] Rowinski put it on our radar before we'd even moved onto the lot. We weren't planning on bringing anything in so soon, but the script was too good. We couldn't wait.

For his part, Werner describes the movie as "about real characters who are smart, funny and a little bit offbeat," adding "I grew up on John Hughes films and miss those great character-based comedies that make you feel something."No news yet on scheduling, director or casting.

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