Gorillaz: 10-Episode Animated Series in the Works

If you're a fan of the Gorillaz, the anmated band created by Blur lead singer Damon Albarn and Tank Girl co-creator/artist Jamie Hewlett, you know that the band traverses though several loosely-written storylines and concepts that fuel the creation of each album. Soon, we'll be able to fully understand the world the band inhabits thanks to a new TV show in the works.

Albarn and Hewlett spoke to Q Magazine about the Gorillaz' upcoming album "Humanz," which will be released April 28. In addition to talking about the music, the pair also let slip the news of a TV project that will span 10 episodes. Sadly, that's pretty much the extent of the details about the series at this point.

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What they won't be able to expect, though, is a Gorillaz movie any time soon. Hewlett told Q Magazine that there were plans with Dreamworks Animation to create an animated Gorillaz film at one point, but the idea did work out because "it was too dark to spend a couple of hundred million on."

Aside from a TV show, the Gorillaz will also be part of a large pop-up immersive environment, created through a partnership with Sonos. According to the Observer, the event will travel to three cities around the world and allow fans to walk through an interactive version of the Gorillaz' Spirit House. The event's first stop is in Brooklyn, NY, at the raw warehouse space Industria from April 21-23. Other stops include Berlin and Amsterdam. Visit sonos.com for more information.

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