Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | What Looks Good for November

So, let's see what looks good in new, adventure comics in this month's Previews...


The Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson: Hairy Things - The cowboys vs. Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) series is collected.


Poe & Phillips - I've got precious little confidence that this will be any good. Mostly because of the solicitation copy that uses the future tense to describe activities that took place in the 19th century. But it's an adventure with Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft looking for treasure in order to prevent the rising of an undead emperor, so it needs to be mentioned.


Flash Gordon: Invasion of the Red Sword #1 - After Dynamite's announcement that they'd acquired the Flash Gordon license, the first comic out of the gate is by Flash's other license-holder, Ardden. I'm curious now to see what Dynamite's got planned.

Big Dog Ink

Island Tales #1 - I'm not sure what to make of this. The solicit refers to a "contemporary exploration of a popular Hawaiian folktale," romance, a "ferocious family legacy," supernatural action, and sharks. I can only assume that it's about a boy whose shark-people ancestors hate his hula-dancing girlfriend and he has to fight them. At least, that's what I hope it's about. But is this a stand-alone story or is it continued in issue #2? If it stands by itself, does the second issue feature a whole different island tale? I'm intrigued.

Dark Horse

Kull: The Hate Witch #1 - Kull returns to Atlantis. And thanks to Gabriel Guzman, he looks awesome doing it.

Axe Cop, Volume 1 - The webcomic created by a five-year-old and his big brother gets collected. Better: Axe Cop is riding a T-Rex with gatling gun arms on the cover.

John Carter of Mars: Weird Worlds - Not content to let Dynamite have all the fun on Barsoom, Dark Horse is reprinting DC's John Carter stories from the '70s featuring the work of Marv Wolfman, Howard Chaykin, Gray Morrow, Joe Orlando, and others.

The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor Archives, Volume 2 - Ordinarily I wouldn't mention a Volume 2 until I had the chance to read Volume 1, but this one's got Spektor and Lakota Rainflower about to fight a giant mummy on the cover, so I'm pretty sure it's going to be good.


Secret Six #27 - I'm breaking another rule by pointing out a single-issue from the middle of a serialized run, but the cover got me on this one too. DC, if you're reading, I'd gladly support an entire series about Bane riding a T-Rex.

The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1 - I'm disappointed that the series is being relaunched as a platform for Batman to team up with characters who already have plenty of exposure. A lot of the fun of the previous incarnation was not knowing which underutilized character was going to pop up around any given corner. Not so disappointed though that I won't give this a shot. I like Sholly Fisch and hopefully he'll be able to squeeze in some cool cameos.

Super Friends: Head of the Class - This fun, imaginative comic is the reason I trust Sholly Fisch in the first place.


Athena - Thanks to George O'Connor, Athena's my favorite Greek deity. So I'm quite excited about seeing her whomp some heads in the modern world. Anyone read this in single issues? Is it good? I like Paul Renaud's stuff a lot.


Tikitis - Luchadores on a tropical island fighting mad scientists, voodoo zombies, jungle warriors, Sirens, and Spartans.


Dungeons & Dragons #1 - Let's see if someone can finally get this right.

GI Joe: Future Noir Special #1 - Hm. They finally figured out how to get me interested in a GI Joe comic: toss out the heavy continuity and reboot the whole concept. It's like Ultimate GI Joe.

Kill Shakespeare, Volume 1 - I've been waiting for this collection. Fables for Shakespeare fans is a nice hook.

Shockrockets - I don't know why I wasn't interested in this in 2000 when Image published it as single issues. Probably because I was young and foolish. I didn't yet know who Stuart Immonen was, but I did know Kurt Busiek. And since it's about a bunch of hotshot pilots using alien aircraft to defend the Earth, I don't really have an excuse.

Danny Husk: The Hollow Planet - I guess it's been too long since I've watched Kids in the Hall, because I'd completely forgotten about Scott Thompson's Danny Husk character. But now that I'm all caught up thanks to YouTube, I'm ready to watch him fight barbarians and hairy monsters from the Earth's core.


Firebreather vs. Dragon Prince - I'm not sure why I haven't read anything with Phil Hester's Firebreather character in it yet, but that's about to be corrected. 120 full-color pages for $8 is an easy bargain. Don't know anything about Dragon Prince, but he sounds cool too.

Sci-Spy: The Complete Series - I was just lamenting earlier today that I haven't read as much Doug Moench/Paul Gulacy Master of Kung Fu as I'd like. This isn't that, but I think I'd still like their James Bond/Star Wars mash-up.


Headache - Another Athena comic. This one's got her as a modern teenager and sounds like it may be turning the Olympians into a mundane, though drama-filled family. Like Percy Jackson meets Gossip Girl? I hope I'm wrong. The solicit says it has Mature Themes, so I presume it's not aimed at teens.

Mirror Mirror - This one has a cool concept. The shards of the Wicked Queen's Magic Mirror have been scattered across the globe by the Huntsmen to prevent their misuse, but someone is gathering them again and killing Huntsmen in the process. The young, playboy son of a couple of Huntsmen has to figure out why and stop it. Also, Darwyn Cooke did the cover.


Ozma of Oz #1 - When Eric Shanower and Skottie Young's first Oz adaptation came out, it seemed like the best of the crop of classics adaptations that Marvel was doing at the time, but it was still part of the crop and I kind of ignored it. Now that Shanower and Young are adapting the third Baum book (and the rest of Marvel's classics line has gone away), I realize that it's the perfect way to be introduced to these stories (since an entire lifetime hasn't been long enough to get me to pick up and read the original novels).

Osborn #1 - The Green Goblin's prison adventures don't sound that interesting, but I assume that Kelly Sue DeConnick will prove me wrong. That woman's made of awesome.

Secret Adventures #7 - It's not Moench/Gulacy, but speaking of the Master of Kung Fu...

Chaos War: Alpha Flight #1 - November is New Comics With All of Marvel's Best Characters Month.


The Northern Guard #1 - Marvel's not the only company resurrecting Canadian heroes this month. I know nothing about most of these Golden Age characters, but some of them look really cool. And hey, I like Canadian superheroes.

Red 5

Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science #1 - His Royal Majesty of Awesome returns for another mini-series, this one involving mobsters and mad doctors in the '30s.


Nosferatu - You see a lot of Dracula comics, but not that many Count Orlok ones. Which is too bad, because he's much more cool. The cute, big-breasted college girls obscuring Orlok's pretty face on the cover are worrisome, but I like the Count enough to try the book anyway.


Victorian Undead II: Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula #1 - This isn't the first time I've seen a Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula comic, but it's the first one I've seen written by Ian Edginton.

Assassin's Creed: The Fall #1 - Never played the video game, but I'll read anything Karl Kerschl's involved in. Cameron Stewart doesn't hurt either. Nor does a 19th century Russian assassin fighting Templars for a powerful artifact.

And that's it for me. Did I miss anything?

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