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Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: What Looks Good for November

by  in Comic News Comment
Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: What Looks Good for November

Time again for our monthly trip through Previews looking for interesting new adventure comics.

AAM Markosia

From the Pages of Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Harker – I’m always curious about new Dracula stuff and it’s encouraging that this project has the support of the Stoker family and Leslie S. Klinger (whose Annotated Dracula I love). Plus, the more I read the summary, the more curious I am to see writer Tony Lee’s plot play out.

Antarctic Press

Sherlock Ninja: The Curious Case of the Iron Monkey – It’s so high-concept that it can’t possibly be as awesome as it sounds. But I’m sure going to have to check it out and see for myself, aren’t I?

Flash Gordon, musketeers, dinosaurs, and much more Sherlock Holmes after the jump.


Gunnerkrigg Court, Volume 2 – Anyone read Volume 1 of this? I haven’t yet, but this one promises a secret tomb of ancient robots, a mysterious ghost, and a trickster god. I clearly have some catching up to do.

Hybrid Bastards! – I remember talking to writer Tom Pinchuk about this at a convention before Archaia went through it’s restructuring. I’m glad it’s back on the schedule now. I very much need to read a story about the illegitimate offspring of Zeus and various inanimate objects.


Flash Gordon: The Mercy Wars and Flash Gordon: The Secret History of Mongo – Since I’ve been reading Alex Raymond’s original Flash Gordon comics I’ve been looking forward to seeing how Ardden’s version measures up. Mercy Wars collects the initial mini-series by Brendan Deneen and Paul Green; Secret History looks like a new one-shot anthology by some genuine comics legends that covers Mongo’s history before Flash arrived.


Freakangels, Volume 3 – Another awesome-sounding series that I need to catch up on.

Book Palace

The Complete Adventures of the Three Musketeers – The fantastic Arturo del Castillo’s adaptation of one of my favorite novels. That’s going to be a beautiful thing.


The Incredibles: City of Incredibles – You only had to say Incredibles once. I’m sold.

The Muppet Show: The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson – Been itching to try Roger Langridge’s Muppet Show books. Has anyone said anything less than glowing about them?

Dark Horse

Age of Reptiles: Journey #1 – Maybe I’m later than I thought I was in rediscovering the joy of dinosaurs, but I’m ashamed to admit that Journey is the first I’m hearing of Ricardo Delgado’s Age of Reptiles comics. Yet another series to catch up on.


The Complete Alice in Wonderland #1 – This is going to be hard to do well. The only time I’ve ever enjoyed Alice’s adventures without reservation has been reading Carroll’s original books. It’s apparently really hard to capture the whimsy and the celebration of innocence in movie form, but I’m hoping that comics can pull it off.


The Ghoul #1 – Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson team up again, this time for a story about a Frankenstein’s Monster-like investigator working a weird mystery in Hollywood. It’s like a Cal McDonald story only with Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein as the hero. My mind can’t get around how cool that is.

Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1 – Arthur Conan Doyle’s original tales. In chronological order. Illustrated by Kelley Jones. Man, I must be living right. November’s shaping into an awesome month.


Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1 – It’s been too long since my favorite super-spy had her own comic book. And since Paul Cornell is writing it, I expect it to be a very cool one.


Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, Volumes 1 and 2 – There’s a lot of Sherlock Holmes stuff this month. You’d think there’s a new movie coming out or something. Not that I’m complaining at all. One of the great things about movies featuring familiar characters is that some cool, old stuff featuring those characters gets brought back. These two volumes are new printings of some out-of-print stories by Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen. I’ve got the first one and it’s good. Powell has Holmes matching wits with Dracula and the Invisible Man. I’ll be picking up the second one featuring Holmes vs. Aleister Crowley.


Doris Danger: Giant Monster Adventures – Oh, SLG. You know what I like.

Top Shelf

Comic Diorama – I love the concepts in this collection of short stories – the lost journals of a famous adventurer, the planet Pluto come to life, Black Forest strangeness, mermaids, and Grendel – almost as much as I love that ghostly cover.

So, what did I miss? What are you looking forward to?

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