Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | What Looks Good for July

Time again for our monthly trip through Previews looking for cool new adventure comics. As always, I'm looking forward to reading your comments about what I missed.


Boneyard: Resurrected #1 - What's a publisher to do with Boneyard's creator taking a break from the series? How about re-release the early issues, but in full color? Sounds like a plan to me. If you haven't read Boneyard before and have any fondness for classic monsters and laughter, this is your big opportunity to check it out.

Ape Entertainment

The Penguins of Madagascar #1 - Yeah, Madagascar 2 sucked and almost ruined all the fondness for these characters that I had, but as long as I can hear the Skipper's Heston-esque voice in my head when I read this comic, I'll be all right.


Berona's War: Field Guide - I've grown tired of Superhero Decadence, but Funny Animal Decadence might be just what the doctor ordered. I've got to check it out and see.

Automatic Pictures

Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars, Vol. 3 - The Nature of Wonder - I'm behind on the Looking Glass saga, but I've liked enough of what I've read so far to expect that I'll want to keep up with it.


The Incredibles, Volume 3: Secrets and Lies - I don't hear much about this series anymore. Is it still good? It started off awesomely, but I fell behind.

July's going to be a great month, after the break.


Treasure Island and Frankenstein - Two of my favorite novels are adapted by a company that - from other volumes I've flipped through - looks to be pretty damn good at adaptations.

Dark Horse

Conan: The Newspaper Strips, Volume 1 - I've been reading Dynamite's reprints of Marvel's Red Sonja comics lately and it's putting me in the mood for more sword-and-sorcery like it. I didn't even know there had been a Conan newspaper strip, but with art by John Buscema and others, I'm excited to discover it.

Empowered, Volume 6 - I have yet to read any of the Empowered books, but I keep hearing how fantastic they are. Here's the next one, serving as a reminder for me to get the first.

The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor Archives, Volume 1 - I love Dark Horse for reprinting all these old series from the '70s. Especially one with a middle-aged, scary-bearded man punching out a skeleton on the cover.


Grant Morrison's 18 Days - I'm lukewarm about Grant Morrison, but holy crap this looks like a pretty book. I know nothing about the Mahabharata or any other Eastern mythology, but again... holy crap this looks like a pretty book. And I'm pretty sure some of the art is showing me dinosaurs with spaceships flying overhead.

Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1: The Trial of Sherlock Holmes - I was intrigued by the first issue enough to want to read the rest of the story.

First Second

Brain Camp - Two kids go to smart camp and uncover strange goings on. I'm kind of sucker for summer camp stories anyway, but adding evil counselors and "spooky lights in the woods" makes them even better.

The Unsinkable Walker Bean - We need more pirate stories with witches, cursed treasure, and magical machines. Let's not make First Second do it all by themselves. Just saying.


Strange Science Fantasy #1 - As if a hot-rodder dressed as a lamp-faced deep-sea-diver called the Headlight isn't enough, it's written and illustrated by Scott Morse.

Richard Stark's Parker: The Man with the Getaway Face - Darwyn Cooke's follow-up to The Hunter will be The Outfit and doesn't come out until Fall, but it starts here with this $2, 24-page prelude.

MGM Drive-In Theater: It, the Terror from Beyond Space #1 - I'm not clear on how "retooling" this as a "retro-1950s alien adventure" qualifies as an "update," but I'll bite. I'm hoping that it just means they've kept the plot and the setting, but made it look less cheesy with cool art.

X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Volume 1 - You know, you caught my interest with "secret agent," but all you really had to say was "Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson." I'm very interested in seeing what these guys were able to do without spaceships and aliens. I bet it's no less awesome than Star Wars or Flash Gordon.


Fractured Fables - The name sounds too much like AJ Jacobs' "Fractured Fairy Tales," but the creators involved are too good to ignore. Jill Thompson, Bryan Talbot, Peter David, Ben Templesmith, Terry Moore, Scott Morse, Doug Tennapel, Larry Marder, Phil Hester, Mike Allred and more contribute their own takes on classic fairy tales.

Sweets #1 - Kody Chamberlain is a friend of mine, so full disclosure and all, but he's also a talented artist and - from the preview pages I've seen - a gifted writer as well. Looking forward to this serial killer detective story set in New Orleans days before Katrina hit. Kody's from southern Louisiana and is the perfect artist to give this the atmosphere it needs.

Elephantmen, Volume 3: Dangerous Liaisons - It's been too long since the last Elephantmen volume. I've missed these stories.


Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1 - I'm not sure why they're not calling it Young Avengers anymore, because that's what it is. With the creative team that made Young Avengers such a surprisingly good series, no less. These characters haven't been the same without Heinberg and Cheung.

Gorilla Man #1 - I keep wanting to call Gorilla Man my favorite Atlas member, but then I remember how much I like Namora. And Venus. And Woo. And M-11. And... Anyway, Gorilla Man's awesome and I'm glad he's getting his own mini-series. And I'm glad that this seems to be a trend because I'm way looking forward to my Namora mini-series. And my Venus one. And Woo. And...

Hit-Monkey #1 - I still think that this is overly calculated to be awesome and I still don't care. It's a suit-wearing monkey-assassin. Where's my Gorilla Man vs. Hit-Monkey comic?

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1-2 - Thor vs giant robots and sea monsters. Why did it take so long to figure that out?

Casanova #1 - I've already got it, but I'm getting it again to see what it looks like "remastered." This was a fantastic series as a sort of budget-comic at Image; looking forward to seeing what it's like as a spare-no-expense one at Icon.

Agents of Atlas Vs. hardcover - I'm reading Agents of Atlas, Volume 3 right now. It's going to be a long wait until July.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman, Volume 1 tpb - I can't believe I've waited this long to read Hickman's run on Fantastic Four. Marvel, you almost make me want to rethink waiting for cheaper softcovers (except for where Agents of Atlas are concerned. I need that stuff right away and have already decided not to wait for it). Don't get cocky though, Marvel. I'm stubborn.


Honey West #1 - I know nothing about Honey West than what I can gather from some clips of the '60s TV show and I understand that that wasn't very faithful to the source material at any rate. But I like female detectives and Moonstone's promising to mix the Pulpy original novels with some of the groovy spy-vibe of the TV version. Sounds awesome to me.


The Sixth Gun #1 - I'm on a heavy Western kick right now. Especially when the art looks this great and it's about an evil gun in the hands of an innocent girl.

Scott Pilgrim, Volume 6: Finest Hour - Take everything I said about Empowered above and copy it here.


Time Bomb #1 - Radical's stuff hasn't really interested me all that much till now. I think our tastes in art design are probably very different. But I like Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray stories and this one's got a hidden city, a doomsday device, time travel, and Nazis. Worth giving Radical another look.

Driver for the Dead #1 - Make that two looks. I don't know anything about writer John Heffernan, but I dig Leonardo Manco's art and the concept sounds very cool. Sort of a voodoo take on The Transporter.

Raw Studios

Alien Pig Farm 3000 - I read this rednecks vs aliens mini-series in single issues and it was funny as hell. Made me a Todd Farmer fan.

Bad Planet - Ooh! I've been waiting ages and ages for the conclusion to this alien-invasion story from Steve Niles and Thomas Jane. It started very strong; I'm very excited to see how it ends.

Slave Labor

Warlord of Io, Volume 1 - Thank you, James Turner! Thank you, Dan Vado! I enjoyed the PDF version of Warlord of Io #2 well enough, but I'll enjoy having it in my library even more.

Top Shelf

Dragon Puncher, Volume 1 - A cute kitty in an armored battle suit and a sidekick armed with a dinner utensil punch dragons. You either like that or you hate love.


Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love - The Cinderella-as-spy mini-series is collected.


Flight, Volume 7 - Why the heck not? I've enjoyed the first six.


X-Files/30 Days of Night#1 - The last time I heard an idea this perfect, I'm pretty sure it was about vampires in the Arctic Circle. I'm crossing my fingers that Mulder and Scully actually get to meet Eben and Stella, but it's going to be fun either way.

That's it for me. What are you excited about?

Todd McFarlane, Greg Capullo Spawn #301 Covers, Revealed

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