Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: What Looks Good for July

Time once again for our monthly trip through Previews searching for the most fun-looking graphic novels, collections, and new series. As always, let me know in the comments what you're looking forward to.


Don Bluth's Space Ace #1 - I never played the video game this is based on, but Robert Kirkman writing space pulp is enough for me. I'm assuming that the art will be in Don Bluth's style, but really, unless the art's just downright ugly I'll be checking this out.


Mouse Guard, Vol. 2: Winter 1152 - I'll usually wait for the paperback version instead of immediately springing for an expensive hardcover, but David Petersen's work deserves the deluxe treatment. I can't wait for this.

Artesia: Besieged #3/Okko: The Cycle of Earth #3 - I'm breaking a rule by mentioning books that aren't starting new series, but I'm just too excited that these are starting up again after long hiatuses. Both of them are huge, lavish fantasies; the best of their genre.


Poe #1 - I love historical mysteries almost as much as I love Poe.

Okay, that's totally not true. I love Poe more than just about anything. But I do really like historical mysteries and making them about Poe is a great way to snag that hook right into my cheek. Ouch.

Incredibles: Family Matters - Do you know who wants to read this even more than I do? My seven-year-old son. Ever since he saw the preview pages in the FCBD Cars comic he's been bugging me about when we can get this. I know it's been less than a week; it feels much longer. I mean seriously: Tigerceratops and Hipposaurus Rex? Nicely played, Boom.

Incredibles #0 - Here's hoping that the second volume gets off to as awesome a start as the first one did.

The Muppet Show - I don't know if I would've picked this up on my own. I'm very skeptical that the humor of the original series will translate well to comics form. But the reviews have been universally positive, so now I just have to see for myself.

[caption id="attachment_9497" align="alignleft" width="97" caption="The Marquis: Inferno"]


Dark Horse

BPRD: 1947 #1 - I'm way behind on the BPRD trades, but if you're doing a better job keeping up than I am, you'll be looking forward to this new story arc. Even if you aren't, vampires vs. nazis is a concept that never gets old. Especially when Mike Mignola has something to do with it.

Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels #1 - See, I'm far enough behind on the Hellboyniverse that I don't even know who Witchfinder is.

Hellboy: The Ice Wolves - This is a novel, not comics, but it features Hellboy, werewolves, and a haunted mansion, so it's worth pointing out.

The Marquis: Inferno - Gotta love Guy Davis' writing and drawing a weirdly-masked vigilante fighting demons in eighteenth-century France. The single issues were sporadic enough that I lost track of them, so it's nice to see this finally collected.

Noir - I have a limited tolerance for crime comics. I love them in small doses, but I get tired easily. I don't read many of them so when something like this comes out I'm aching for it. Brian Azzarello, Ed Brubaker, Jeff Lemire, Paul Grist, David Lapham, Eduardo Barreto, and Fabio Moon (to name just a few) telling "tales of murder and deceit" is must-read material.

3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man - I love Matt Kindt anyway. Matt Kindt telling stories about a - well - giant man is bonus.


Wednesday Comics #1 - I'll be waiting for whatever the collected version of this looks like, but I'll be waiting really damn impatiently.

Devil's Due

The Zombies That Ate the World - More Guy Davis. I don't even care that it's a zombie book.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly #1 - Is this just a comics adaptation of the film? 'Cause if it is, that's fantastic. Especially if they tie it into...

The Man With No Name - I'm craving some good Westerns lately and this is such a great character. Anyone read this as single issues? What did you think?


The Hunter - I may be running the risk of overdosing on crime fiction, but Darwyn Cooke will be worth it.

The Dreamer: The Consequence of Nathan Hale - Yeah, I'm a total sucker for 18th-century adventure. I'm also a sucker for stories about people getting drawn into their dreamworlds.


Mice Templar: Destiny #1 - I haven't read the first volume yet, but I'm excited to.


Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil - Finally! I've had such a hard time waiting for this one you guys.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Collected Book, Volume 1 - I thought this was already out. Was that a hardcover? I'm so easily confused. Anyway, I'm getting it. I missed these stories when they originally came out and I've always wanted to go back and read them.


Zeke Deadwood: Zombie Lawman - It takes a really special concept to get me interested in zombies. Really special art is also good. This looks to have both. Making the zombie the good guy is just the right twist I need and Zeke is drawn so ugly that he's handsome.

Th3rd World

Stuff of Legends #1 - The concept is something I could've gone either way on. During WWII, a boy's toys team up to save him from the Boogeyman. It's all going to come down to the execution on this one, but if the art is an indication, it's going to be executed very nicely.

Top Shelf

The Surrogates, Volume 2: Flesh and Bone - Volume 1 was so cool and unique and inventive. It presented a world that may not be fun for the people living in it, but was a fascinating place to visit as a reader. If for no other reason, I'm happy that a movie's being made so that it can create demand for this prequel.


Nosferatu: Plague of Terror - Speaking of prequels, this claims to be both that and sequel to the 1922 Murnau film. I've no idea how good it's going to be (the preview pages are very caption-heavy, for example, and that bothers me), but I'm intrigued.

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