Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | What Looks Good for January

Time once again for our monthly trip through Previews looking for cool, new adventure comics.


Flash Gordon: Mercy Wars #0 - Ardden's releasing what was formerly an exclusive comic for NYCC 2008. This has already been included in the Mercy Wars collection, but if you like the periodical format and didn't make it to New York two years ago, here you go.


FreakAngels, Volume 5 - I really need to get on the ball and start checking these out.


Jules Vernes' A Journey to the Center of the Earth and Jules Vernes' 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - I'm not a big Verne fan, but I always like looking at adaptations of his novels, because they often correct some of the things I don't like about his work.

The Hound of the Baskervilles - I am a big Doyle fan, so I like Holmes adaptations for a whole other set of reasons. Baskervilles is one of my favorites, because I always like to see if the artist can make the moor as spooky a place as I imagine it to be.

Dark Horse

Hellboy: The Sleeping and the Dead #1 - It deserves mention just for starting a new Hellboy story, but extra points for "giant bat" and "vampire apocalypse."

BPRD: Hell on Earth - Gods #1 - And a new story starts for the BPRD too. Nice month for Hellboy fans.

The Finder Library, Volume 1 - I've always wanted to check out Carla Speed McNeil's critically-acclaimed, award-winning sci-fi series.

John Carter of Mars: Warlord of Mars - Dark Horse continues collecting old  John Carter stuff. The first volume featured DC's time with the character; this one has the complete run of Marvel's ongoing series (including annuals) from the late '70s.


Sherlock Holmes: Year One #1 - Interesting idea. "Join Dr. John Watson as he meets young Sherlock Holmes in a fateful encounter that will forever shape both men's destinies." Does that mean they're ignoring A Study in Scarlet or just working around it? They've got me curious.

First Second

Lewis & Clark - I don't know nearly as much about the Lewis and Clark Expedition as I'd like, so I'm hoping that Nick Bertozzi's story is as educational as I'm sure it'll be entertaining. Also looking forward to see his take on Sacajawea.

Zita the Space Girl - It's got the words "Space Girl" in the title. Of course I'm going to read it.


Missile Mouse, Volume 2: Rescue on Tankium3 - Missile Mouse vs. a space bat. I think Jake Parker may be colluding with Mike Mignola to get all my money.


Book of Lilah - I expect to enjoy this 1000x more than I enjoyed Book of Eli.


On the Case with Holmes & Watson, Volume 6: The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire - Shame on me for not knowing that Doyle wrote a Holmes mystery about vampires.


Secret Avengers, Volume 1: Mission to Mars hardcover - With Black Widow and Valkyrie on the team (and knowing that Shang Chi's coming in the next volume), it's been really difficult to wait for this collection.

Avengers Academy: Permanent Record hardcover - Likewise this one, though to a lesser degree. Super Hero Squad has made us big Reptyl fans at our house.


Spider #1 - One of the most interesting (and violent) Pulp heroes finally gets his own comic.


Cursed Pirate Girl: The Collected Edition, Volume 1 - Jeremy Bastian's Cursed Pirate Girl is a gorgeous, fantastic comic, but has been kind of hard to get hold of. Until now.


Ghost Projekt, Volume 1 - This got my attention when it was first announced because Oni compared it to The X-Files and The Coffin. Now they're also mentioning Fringe and Warehouse 13, which does nothing to lessen my enthusiasm for finally getting the chance to read it.

Pacific Comics Club

Connie: The Menace of Mo Tung and Connie: The Unseen Avenger - One of Pacific's previous volumes (Captives of the Space Pirates/Master of the Jovian Moonsmade me fall in love with Connie. Glad there's more coming.


Pepper Penwell and the Land Creature of Monster Lake - Looks like a mixture of Encyclopedia Brown and Scooby Doo. Right up my (dark, scary) alley.

Strongman, Volume 2 - I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the first Strongman book, so I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel about this one now that my expectations have been raised.

Now it's your turn. What did I miss?

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