Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: What Looks Good for August

Time once again for our monthly look at upcoming adventure comics and which new series, graphic novels, and collections look interesting. As always, tell me what I missed in the comments.

Dark Horse

Kull, Volume 1: The Shadow Kingdom - I've never read a Robert E. Howard Kull story, but I dug that Kevin Sorbo movie and the whole Age-of-Atlantis setting. Plus the art looks incredible. I'd buy this just for the reproductions of the Andy Brase covers (which I'm assuming will be in there).

Grandville - A talking, gun-toting badger stalking a ruthless murder squad through steampunked Paris. That's all you had to say.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas - Is it bad that I still haven't read any Umbrella Academy yet? It is, isn't it?


The War that Time Forgot, Vol. 2 - Even before I became a wait-for-the-trade person I was waiting for the trade on this one because I don't always trust Bruce Jones to capitalize on the awesomeness of his concepts. Word is he's done a fine job on this one though, so I'm glad it's finally complete so I can check it out.

Del Rey Manga

The Secret Saturdays, Volume 1 - I couldn't tell you why I'm not watching this cartoon. The commercials make it look like exactly the kind of show I should be watching. I'm adding it to my TiVo tonight. And I'll be buying this book.

First Second

Cat Burglar Black - As I said on my personal blog: "Richard Sala's got a new book coming out, which should be news enough. On top of that, it's about a girl thief, a mysterious boarding school, buried treasure, hidden clues, and an ancient secret society. Really though, with Richard Sala it could be about a tea party and I'd snatch it out of your hand to read it. "


Al Williamson's Flash Gordon: A Lifelong Vision of the Heroic - Know what I like even better than Flash Gordon? Al Williamson.


Amulet, Volume 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse - Talking fox. Mysterious city of waterfalls. Big, giant, robot-looking thing. Kazu Kibuishi. Kid's adventure story. Check, check, check, check, and check.


Timothy and the Transgalactic Towel - A kid has a Hawaiian beach towel that takes him to outer space and gets him involved in an inter-galactic war. Yes, please.


Return of King Doug - This is supposed to remind me of Bone, isn't it? Well, good, because it does. And a little bit of Dreamland Chronicles too. Both very good things. Can't wait.


Jenna Blue - I know nothing about Outlaw Entertainment except that I get press releases from them telling me how they're going to revolutionize the comics industry. Which, you know, makes me really skeptical right away. But they do seem to have some fun ideas, like this one about a ruthless (and cute!) assassin with possible ties to Roswell, New Mexico circa 1947.

We the People - Or this one about the reincarnated team of Zorro, Robin Hood, and Sinbad fighting injustice in the streets of a modern city. Man, I hope this is good.

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