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Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | What Looks Good for April

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Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | What Looks Good for April

Catching up on our monthly trips through Previews looking for good, new, adventure comics.


The Man from RIVERDALE – I enjoyed that issue of Betty and Veronica Spectacular where they were catsuit-wearing super-spies. In fact, I’ve been wanting more like it ever since. And here we are.

Veronica #206 – And here we are again, with promises of still more super-spy action in next month’s Betty. Anyone who says that Archie comics are the same story over and over again clearly isn’t paying attention.

Blank Slate

The Girl and the Gorilla – Talking gorillas are always cool, but the preview for this looks absolutely charming.


Planet of the Apes #1 – I’d forgotten how much I love and miss these movies until I saw the cover for this issue. I’m not only getting it; it’s sending me to Amazon for a little DVD shopping too.

Mickey Mouse #307 – I don’t know if Boom’s changed something about their Mickey Mouse books or if I’m just now paying attention, but four of them caught my eye this month. In this one, Mickey and Goofy go on jungle safari. I love nothing if not a good jungle story and it’s been a long time since I’ve read any kind of Mickey comic.

Mickey Mouse on Quandomai Island – Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto go Lost, only their time-travel includes dinosaurs.

Mickey Mouse and the World to Come – More time-travel, but this time to the future where giant robots await.

Mickey Mouse and the Orbiting Nightmare – You know what we need more of in stories? Space hotels.


Kidnapped, King Solomon’s Mines, and The Three Musketeers – Campfire continues picking the best literature to adapt into comics.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse Presents #1: I came in on the tail end of the original DHP just before it was canceled, but realized quickly that it was one of the coolest anthology series in existence. Hopefully this new version will be just as good. With Frank Miller’s Xerxes and the return of Paul Chadwick’s Concrete kicking things off, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.

BPRD: The Dead Remembered #1 – The adventures of young Liz Sherman. I’m glad Mignola’s finally drawing from that well.

Hellboy: Buster Oakley Gets His Wish – Two words: Giant. Robots. Though I guess “fighting” and “Hellboy” aren’t exactly insignificant either.

Baltimore, Volume 1: The Plague Ships – While the rest of the world conspires to burn us all out on vampires, Mike Mignola continues showing how to make them cool.

Magnus, Robot Fighter, Volume 1 – I’m not hip to all the old Gold Key characters (and totally missed out on the ’90s Valiant revival), but the guy who fights robots needs checking out. Even if he does wear a skirt and go-go boots.

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #1 – Hyde vs. Jack the Ripper sounds awesome on its own, but Cole Haddon’s come up with a way to tie the characters together in an intimate way that promises a great story in addition to (hopefully) a fantastic fight.

Solomon Kane: Red Shadows #1 – You can set anything on a dreary, English moor and I’ll read it, but Solomon Kane seems especially well-suited to that environment.


First Wave – Can’t wait to finally see how this worked out. The concept of an alternate, DCU Earth where superpowers don’t exist, but superheroes and pulp characters do is thrilling to me. It’s been tough to wait so long for this collection.

Legion Lost – I’ve got these as single-issues, but it’s the best Legion of Super Heroes story I’ve ever read and I need it on my bookshelf instead of in a hard-to-find box.

Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Odyssey – I said in this week’s Food or Comics that I’d be willing to read Straczynski’s Wonder Woman in order to catch up and see what Phil Hester does with the series. Here’s where my money and my mouth meet.

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom – All you have to say is “Tom Strong,” but if you’re going to add more to the title, you could do a lot worse than “Robots of Doom.”


Isle of 100,000 Graves – Jason makes a pirate comic. Featuring a little girl and an island of student-executioners.


The Hounds of Hell – Sometimes you just really need to read a French comic about barbarian treasure-hunters.


Deep Sleeper – Speaking of Phil Hester. Here’s an older work of his that I’ll finally get to read. God bless IDW.

Bloom County: Complete Library, Volume 4 – I keep mentioning these as great presents for my dad, but let’s be honest: They’re for me too. Like I said, God bless IDW.


Super Dinosaur #1 – I’m having a bit of a Hit Monkey flashback here in the sense that it’s almost too calculated to be awesome, but I’m still going to have to give it a shot. I’m not made of stone here.

’68 #1 – I really enjoyed the one-shot this is based on and how it married Viet Nam to Night of the Living Dead, which – as you’ll remember – was released in 1968. I don’t like zombie comics as a rule, but if it’s anything like its predecessor, this promises to be a rare exception.

Nonplayer #1 – I’ve been following Nate Simpson’s production blog for this simply because of the breathtaking artwork. I had no idea that it has a modern-world element to it and isn’t just a straight fantasy series, but that makes me more interested in it, not less.


My Boyfriend is a Monster, Volume 2: Made for Each Other – Lerner’s got a fun idea for a graphic novel series: unconnected tales of monsters and the girls who love them. Volume 1 is a zombie story, so I’ll skip it, but Volume 2 mixes teen romance with Frankenstein. It’s obviously going after the Twilight crowd, but with Lerner’s name on it, it’s going to be 100x as literate as the thing it’s imitating.

Chicagoland Detective Agency, Volume 2: The Maltese Mummy – Trina Robbins writes and Tyler Page (Stylish Vittles, Nothing Better) illustrates this story about kid-detectives and a talking dog searching for a mummy’s amulet.


Sigil #2 – I don’t typically mention single issues after the first in What Looks Good, but this is the return of El Cazador.

Skaar: King of the Savage Land #1 – The Son of Hulk tries to take the crown away from Ka-Zar. I hope he gets his butt kicked…royally. Plus: more giant robots!

Spider-Man #13 – More Ka-Zar and dinosaurs. Good month.


The Tooth – Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun), Shawn Lee, and Matt Kindt (Super Spy) present a graphic novel about a monster-fighting tooth. And Matt Kindt can draw the crap out of some monsters.


After Dark – I’ll try to forget that this is a celebrity comic imagined by Wesley Snipes and remember that it’s written by Peter Milligan and illustrated in part by Leonardo Manco. Of course the “in part” thing bothers me, but Jeff Nentrup’s stuff looks good too. Also, it’s space pulp. Pretty, pretty space pulp.

Red 5

Moon Girl #1 – Red 5 joins in the Golden Age Character Revival Game. If you don’t know who Moon Girl was, Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine has a description as well as one of her EC adventures. She’s basically a Wonder Woman ripoff, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see what Tony Trov, Johnny Zito, and The Rahzzah can do with her. If those boys make comics nearly as cool as their names, it’ll be a treat.

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