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Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: What Looks Good for April

by  in Comic News Comment
Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: What Looks Good for April

Before I get to yapping, let me take a second and restate my criteria for what makes it on this list. This isn’t a list of everything that I’m buying for the month or even a list of everything I would buy if I had unlimited resources. I’m focusing primarily on new stuff: trade paperback collections, graphic novels, and debuts of monthly series. If a later issue of an ongoing series sounds extra-super-special-remarkable, I’ll say something, but that’ll be rare. For the most part, I won’t mention Marvel Adventures Avengers every single month, even though it’s always worth buying.

Also, this is really meant to be a discussion starter, so if you agree or disagree with anything here, please comment. That goes quadruple for if I left something off the list that I should’ve included.

And away we go…

Ignition City #1 – I’m interested in this one for the same reason I was interested in Anna Mercury last month: Warren Ellis writing pulp scifi. This time with “laser pistols” and smoke-belching spaceships.

Crozonia #1

Beach Creative Studios
Crozonia #1 – I’m a total sucker for undersea adventure. This one’s got warring civilizations, the Trident of Poseidon, and what looks like some kind of cybernetic (or maybe she’s just armored) mermaid princess. I’m not totally thrilled about that art, but if the story’s awesome, I can live with it.

Blue Apple Books
Long Tail Kitty – This probably isn’t exactly an “adventure” book in the usual way I use that word, but these stories about Long Tail Kitty, Good Tail Mouse, a friendly bee, and a family of aliens sound like too much fun not to mention.

Galveston – Pirates and cowboys living together in perfect, butt-kicking, swashbuckling harmony. I’m guessing that not much is made of Jean Lafitte and Jim Bowie’s real-life partnership in the slave trade, but that’s probably for the best.

Dark Horse
The Saga of Solomon Kane – I’ve never read any of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane stories, but I really want to. The idea of a Puritan monster-hunter fighting vampires and pirates is just too rich. I don’t know if this collection of comics adaptations and pastiches is the right place to start, but it sure looks like something worth hitting at some point.

Conan, Volume 7: Cimmeria – The next installment in Dark Horse’s original Conan tales. I’ve got some catching up to do on this series, but I know Tim Truman’s enthusiasm for the character and I’m eager to read his version.

Empowered, Volume 5 – I’ve got to find out what everyone’s talking about with this series. Has there ever been a negative review of it?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #4

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #4 – Even if this issue didn’t have Batman fighting a dinosaur on the cover, I’d want it for what should be the new, canonical take on Aquaman. If you haven’t seen the cartoon, you don’t know what I’m talking about, but honest to Neptune, you are missing out.

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #5 – Captain Marvel vs. robot cockroaches. ‘Nuff said.

Super Friends #14 – The Super Pets are always fun, but now they also include Aquaman’s cephalopodic friend Topo and an Amazonian kanga. Brilliant.

The Complete Dracula #1 – I’m always up for a new version of Bram Stoker’s novel. And it’s pretty cool that they’re including the usually edited-out scenes. I’ve read those scenes and they’re good. They’re not necessary to the story, but they add a lot of atmosphere and I’ll look forward to seeing how they turn out in comics form.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten

Doctor Who: The Forgotten – I always like multi-generational Doctor Who stories, but the real draw here is artist Pia (Y: The Last Man) Guerra. And the Templesmith cover.

Grumpy Old Monsters – I’ve still got an old Grumpy Old Monsters postcard that I use as a bookmark in some of my son’s reading material. He’s always asking me about it and I’m always putting him off because I haven’t wanted to go hunt down those issues at the comics shop. Now I won’t have to and I can still read it to him. Snazzy!

The Astounding Wolf-Man, Volume 2 – I haven’t read Volume 1 yet, but I’ve been meaning to.

Savage – Bigfoot vs. werewolves. Yes, please.

Marvel Adventures Avengers #35 – Remember what I said about not mentioning every issue of this series? That doesn’t count when the solicitation starts off with the sentence, “Hawkeye needs a date for the Avengers picnic.”

Phantom: Generations #2 – I hadn’t planned on following this series, but a) there are pirates in this issue and b) I think the generation-spanning approach appeals to me just as much here as it does with Doctor Who. I’m now officially curious to see the previous Phantoms fleshed out.

Cursed Pirate Girl

Cursed Pirate Girl #1 – Okay, first: pirates. Second: I saw some of Jeremy Bastian’s art from this at a con once when it was originally slated to come out through Archaia. It was amazing and I was eager to get the finished book even back then. Cannot wait.

Crogan’s Vengeance – It’s a great month for swashbuckling and piracy. And sharks. Hopefully, pirates fighting sharks. I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time this has been solicited, but it’s the first time I noticed it.

Red 5
Atomic Robo: Shadow from Beyond Time #1 – New Atomic Robo. Need I say more? Okay then, how about H.P. Lovecraft, the Tunguska Event, and the inspiration for the term “Fortean”?

Rex Libris, Volume 2: Book of Monsters – Partway through the Rex Libris series I decided I needed these stories on the bookshelf instead of in the comics boxes. You never know when you’ll need quick, easy access to the adventures of the universe’s toughest librarian as he collects overdue books from the likes of evil, alien warlords and tentacled monstrosities. The wait’s been killing me though.

Warlord of Io and Other Stories

Warlord of Io and Other Stories – All they had to say was “James Turner” (‘cause he’s the Rex Libris guy), but name-dropping Flash Gordon as an influence doesn’t hurt in the least.

Return to Labyrinth, Volume 3 – From some of the blogs I read, it seems to be in vogue lately to hate on Labyrinth. I think it’s probably because of backlash against George Lucas. But as over Star Wars as I am, I still love Ludo, that little fox-dude on the dog, and David Bowie singing “Dance, Baby, Dance.” I haven’t read the first three volumes of this yet, but I’m very curious about them. Anyone read them? Are they any good?

Top Shelf
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century #1 – Like Atomic Robo, this is another choice you really don’t even have to think about.

Transfuzion Publishing
Sherlock Holmes: The Cases of the Twisted Minds – I can’t tell anything about the art on this reprint of some ‘90s comics, but I’m all for Sherlock Holmes vs. the Phantom of the Opera and Mr. Hyde.

And that’s it for me. What are you looking forward to?

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