10 Gorgeous Pieces of Fruits Basket Fan Art That Fans Need To See

The beloved Shojo manga Fruits Basket is a household name of the genre, and anyone looking to get into Shojo might start with this series. It follows Tohru Honda and her quest to heal the hearts of every member of the cursed Sohma family, all while juggling her own friendships, high school, work, and her affection for Kyo Sohma.

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2019 brought us a remake of the original anime, and 2019's Fruits Basket is already one season old. So, it's a ripe time for longtime fans and newcomers alike to make some fan art and celebrate the return of this flagship series. Here are 10 lovely works of Fruits Basket fan art to check out.

10 Hug from behind

Each core member of the Sohma family is cursed with the spirit of a Chinese Zodiac animal, and Kyo Sohma is cursed with the outcast 13th animal, the housecat. He's known nothing but misery and suffering for it, but then he met Tohru!

This girl believes that no one is beyond saving, and she grows attached to Kyo in particular. But watch out; whenever a cursed Sohma hugs someone of the opposite sex, they transform into their animal! It looks like Tohru tripped, and now she's about to get an armful of cat.

9 Tohru can't believe her eyes!

Here's another one of Tohru, and she looks absolutely amazed at something. What did she see? That's probably left for the viewer to decide, and we can imagine all kinds of things. Maybe Tohru found a full dinner that Yuki or Kyo made for everyone, or perhaps Kisa paid a visit (Tohru adores Kisa, the tiger Sohma).

This is 100% authentic Tohru, and it's easy to imagine this panel being in the manga somewhere. Her wide eyes, blush, and that sparkling background are trademarks of Fruits Basket. If Tohru was having a bad day earlier, well... that's over now!

8 Three amigos

This piece of fan art is more clever than it looks. At first, we see a gray rat (Yuki), an orange cat (Kyo), and a triangular rice ball on a stick, like Japanese shish kebab. Plain and simple.

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But consider this: Tohru is sometimes symbolized by a rice ball just like this one, and in speech bubbles in the manga, we sometimes see it to identify the speaker (like the fish for Uotani). So, we get the core three characters of Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru all at once. They're just inseparable, aren't they?

7 Shigure and the blossom

Shigure Sohma is the dog spirit, and he's one of the first Sohmas whom Tohru meets, along with Yuki and Kyo. He runs a household, though he and the other guys rely on Tohru to keep the place in good shape.

What does he do with his time? Aside from visiting Akito at the main compound, he's also a novelist, and he's an eccentric homebody to match that lifestyle. His poor editor gets frazzled nerves from his constant teasing, though. And look at that expression... what is Shigure scheming now?

6 Bunny boy

Meet Momiji Sohma, who embodies the rabbit of the Chinese Zodiac. He's half German, and this poor boy has a hard family life, since his mother didn't want him and has since lost all memory of him (memory loss is common among the Sohmas).

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But Momiji is a cheery boy, who loves frilly girls' clothes and sticks close to Tohru like a little brother. This fan art has perfectly captured the spirit of this kid, even in black and white, and his expression and rabbit ears say it all. Don't forget the charming chibi heads of Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki (they're pretty much the Big Three).

5 All under one roof

Shigure prefers a quiet household where he can read the newspaper and work on a new novel, but over time, nearly every Sohma pays a visit. It gets pretty noisy in there, such as when Hiro and Kisa visit, or when Momiji or Kagura (the boar spirit) come knocking.

And Shigure is lucky if knocking is all they do! More often, someone's going to get kicked through a sliding door, break through the floor, or ruin dinner, not to mention all the yelling. Still, at the end of the day, they're family. Tohru and Kisa can't help but admire everyone even when Yuki and Kyo square off and the Sohma girls glare at them.

4 Built like an ox

Hang on. What is this teenager with punk clothes doing with an ordinary milk cow? That's Hatsuharu Sohma, a boy who embodies the ox spirit. In this case, he appears as a cow whenever anyone hugs him. Man and cow have become one!

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Hatsuharu is tough like Kyo, but not always ready to fight. Instead, he flips back and forth between his calm side, and his vicious "dark" side. Tohru witnessed it once, and did not like it all (she didn't begrudge him, though).

3 Little Witch Tohru

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Here we find Tohru and Kyo together, and it's just so adorable that Tohru is having the time of her life while Kyo is grouchy but willing to play along. There's no mistaking that irritated orange cat!

Tohru makes for a charming witch for Halloween, and the detail on her outfit, such as the lace hem and her hat, are remarkable. If Tohru really did become a witch for some reason, we bet she'd rather brew love potions than noxious bog brew!

2 Hatori, lost in thought

Who is this? Meet Hatori Sohma, who embodies the dragon of the Zodiac. No, he doesn't actually become a fire-breathing monster! He actually turns into a seahorse. Hatori is the family doctor, and he often takes care of Akito.

Hatori is a tricky one, being a reluctant friend of Shigure. He isn't sure whether to allow an innocent girl like Tohru to get mixed up in the Sohma family curse, and he can also control memory. Whenever someone loses their memory, it was due to Hatori's abilities. He once did this to his lover, whom Akito rejected. He's doing his best to heal and move on, though.

1 Ayame Sohma

Let's wrap up with one of the most colorful characters in all of Fruits Basket: Ayame Sohm! He is Yuki's big brother, but Yuki doesn't like him (at first) any more than he likes Kyo. In their youth, Ayame pretty much ignored Yuki, acting totally superior.

Things start to change, though, and the brothers come together (much to their mother's surprise). Ayame also runs a ladies' cosplay shop with his charming assistant Mine, and they both have a blast dressing up Tohru and other girls in stylish outfits.

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