<i>Goosebumps</i> Heads To The Big Screen, May Genuinely Be Scary?

Kids' book series Goosebumps is being made into a movie - and it's being handled by Carl Ellsworth, one of the men behind grown-up horror movies The Last House On The Left and Disturbia. Did someone forget that this isn't supposed to actually terrify kids?

Ellsworth isn't the first writer to try and adapt the franchise for the big screen - 1408's Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander have attempted it previously - and it's uncertain whether he's adapting one particular book in the series or coming up with something all new himself. No director has been announced for the project yet, which is being co-produced by Neal Mortiz' Original Film and, interestingly, Scholastic Entertainment. Is it wrong that I'm hoping for something genuinely creepy to come from this announcement, instead of just another Haunted Mansion?

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